Mzbel And Mark Okraku Should Just Get Married And Spare All Of Us This Headache


I cannot place my hands on what is up between Mark Okraku Mantey and Mzbel— the two have never been on good vibes and we cannot even understand why. About a month ago, Mark called out to Mzbel for storming¬†out from the studios of Happy Fm during a discussion all because callers had rained insults … Read more

YouTuber Says He Can Cure Headaches In Two Minutes With Just 3 Questions


a (1)_optYou can now say your final goodbye to Panadol as a man named Kamil who posts under the channel Kamil’s View has come up with a novel way of curing a bad headache and all it requires is your imagination and your mind.
He says he can cure your headache in two minutes with just three questions.
In his video, seen more than 1.7million times, Kamil says: “I’m going to ask you a few questions, and I will ask you those questions a few times.

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