Lawyer Daniel Koi Writes: How to Legally and Easily Set Up a Branch of Your Company/Business in the UK


Globalization and migration have made it easier for people to move from one part of the world to another, sometimes to even settle. And it’s on the back of this that the United Kingdom government has instituted various means by which foreign-based companies or businesses can also easily set up branches or subsidiaries in the UK—and operate freely.
Contrary to popular conception, it’s very easy to register a branch or a wholly-owned subsidiary of your business/company in the UK—of course, with the help of a good solicitor who understands UK Home Office’s entry requirements.
So if you have a company in Ghana, Nigeria or any part of the world, you can set up a branch or subsidiary of the company in the UK—and have a representative (Sole Representative of an Overseas Business) be granted a visa to come and manage the set up in the UK on your behalf.  

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