South African Couple Gets Wedding Sponsorship From Companies After A Journalist Laughed At The Man For Proposing To His Girlfriend While Eating At KFC


A South African Journalist who laughed at a man for proposing marriage to his girlfriend while eating at KFC in South Africa ended up blessing the couple with a huge wedding sponsorship from companies. The couple is currently trending on Twitter with companies such as DSTV, Coke and Amstel Malt, the SA Audi, Precious the … Read more

Open Post: You Walk Into Any Branch Of KFC In Ghana To Eat At Your Own RISK! – VIDEO


The last time I was at KFC was in November 2018, and there was a security officer who was opening and closing the main door for customers who trooped in to eat.

There is this video trending on social media and it has to do with one ‘insecure’ Zongo boy who entered a KFC branch, slapped a customer, dragged him out and then physically assaulted him more with some stupid reason that he is trying to snatch his girlfriend ─a lady he is not even married to.

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VIDEO: WTF! KFC Workers Caught on Camera Washing Chicken on the Floor

As human as we are, what goes down our throats really matter to us, especially the conditions under which the foods we eat are prepared. There exist some groups of people who would always choose to eat from plush or well- established restaurants. For the local food joints in Ghana, we already have a fair … Read more