Rev Obofour Goes Into Hiding As His Marriage With Bofowaa Collapses


Founder and leader of the Anoited Palace Chapel, Rev Obofour has reportedly gone ‘missing’. According to reports, Obofour has gone into hiding for weeks now and no one knows his whereabout. Manasseh the world changer has alleged Rev Obofour has left home and he’s currently hiding at an undisclosed location because of of his marriage … Read more

Rev Obofour Exposed For Allegedly Sleeping With His Stepsister – Video


Lately, the founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev Obofour has made news for the wrong reasons. Obofour’s critics are not giving him breathing space as they keep coming up with allegations upon allegations against him. New allegations made against Rev Obofour are that he sleeps with his half-sister. READ ALSO: You Have No … Read more

Sad Reactions As Bofowaa Celebrates Her Triplets’ 2nd Birthday Without Rev. Obofour Amidst 2nd Wife Rumor


It’s the 2nd birthday of the lovely triplets from popular Ghanaian preacher Rev. Obofour and his wife Queen Ciara Bofowaa. Queen Ciara, the wife of Rev. Obofour welcomed three bundles of joy with her husband in 2020 when their relationship with the envy of many. Last year, both parents organized a lavish birthday party to … Read more

I Will Not Take Advice From Poor People – Rev Obofour Fires Back At Critics Following Honeymoon With 2nd Wife


Alleged polygamous pastor, Rev Obofour has responded to allegations of taking a second wife and flying her for a honeymoon in the U.K. In a trending social media video, the founder and leader of the Anointed Palace Chapel International has said that he is not taking advice from anybody. READ ALSO: Like Father Like Son … Read more

Polygamous Man Of God Rev Obofour Spotted Chilling With His Alleged Second Wife – Video Causes Stir


Popular Ghanaian man of God, Rev Obofour recently trended for allegedly marrying a second wife. Obofour has reportedly bypassed the humongous b*tt of his wife Ciara and her calmness and gone for one Maame Lizzy as his second wife. READ ALSO: You Can Buy Beauty But Not Class – Tracey Boakye Trolled As Akua GMB … Read more

The Words and Stories In Your Bible Is Archaic – Rev. Obofour Challenges Christian Doctorine In New Video

obofour snake

Rev Obofour has made yet another controversial statement that has subjected Christianity to public ridicule. In the video which has drawn attention online, Rev Obofour disclosed that there are some stories in the Bible which does not make sense in modern day and must be changed. The popular man of God recorded a video punching … Read more

Fa Wo Gyimie Sor Ho! – Obofour Goes Wild on Agradaa after Exposing Him for Alleged Affair with His Wife’s Sister

nana agradaa bofowaa

Rev Obofour has finally woken from his slumber and clapped back at Nana Agradaa over her serious allegations. The fetish priest turned evangelist threw dirty shots at Obofour and his wife, Bofowaa, in a fiery video. As we reported, Agradaa laid some serious allegations at the feet of Obofour. READ ALSO: You Dress with Makeup … Read more

“I Will Open 1000 Church Branches and Win 1 Million Souls For God This Year” – Rev Obofour Brags


Rev. Emmanuel Kwaku Obofour, Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, has made public major plans he has for his church and the country in the year 2022. Rev. Obofour is one of the many famous Ghanaian preachers. Just like his cohorts, he has been accused by some Ghanaians of using the church as a … Read more

TT Exposes Ayisha Modi And Obofour – Reveals They Gave Him Only GHC 600 And Soft Drinks After Promising Him A House


Veteran Actor Psalm Adjeteyfio, aka TT has addressed issues concerning his habitual begging. Among other things, TT has exposed Ayisha Modi and Rev Obofour for deceiving him after they promised to build him a house. According to TT, after he came out publicly to beg for support for his rent and upkeep, Ayisha Modi reached … Read more

Bofowaa Reacts To Claims That She’s Fixed Her Butt – Video


Sofo Maame Ciara Antwi, Rev Obofour’s wife has reacted to claims that she’s fixed her butt. There have been claims that Bofowaa has touched up her curves to make them more prominent. Per the rumours, Bofowaa is one of Obengfo’s clients who got their desired body after they checked into the body sculpting facility to … Read more

Holy Meat! – Check Out Photos of the Most Curvy and Endowed Pastor’s Wives in Ghana


“If all pastors in Ghana, elders and all church leaders are sitting and a woman with big buttocks passes, everyone will turn around and look at it because we all love big buttocks.” The above were the exact words of founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour during one of his TV shows … Read more

Shameless Rev. Obofour Cheers On As Slay Queens Invade Bofowaa’s Birthday Party


For a preacher man’s wife to organize a birthday party for his wife, we expected gospel musicians alone to perform at the event but the exact opposite happened. Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, Rev. Obofour hosted the biggest and ‘saddest birthday party for his wife Ciara Antwi aka Bofowaa yesterday. Although the pastor … Read more

Obinim and Wife Storm Bofowaa’s Birthday Party As Thank-you for Obofour Appearing At His Father’s Funeral – Video

obinim obofour

From sworn enemies to friends – has there been a bigger shift in a relationship between two Ghanaian celebrities than what we’re witnessing from Obinim and Obofour? I do not think so. Three weeks or even a month ago, these were the worst enemies alive. Today, they are almost becoming besties. How quickly things can … Read more

Photos of When Obofour and His Wife Were Broke Surfaces Online as They Celebrate 11th Wedding Anniversary – See


Almost everyone has a humble beginning, days when you were struggling to get a daily meal and you were not looking as attractive as you are now. These humble beginnings, when chanced upon, serve as inspiration to people who are at that stage– especially when you have become a superstar. Reverend Francis Antwi, a.k.a. Obofour … Read more

Rev. Obofour Creates A Scene At Obinim’s Father’s Funeral With Bodyguards – Video


Rev. Obofour and his bodyguards caused a scene at the burial of former rival preacher Obinim’s father yesterday August 28. The founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel stormed the funeral grounds in grand style, drawing all attention from the mourning to himself. Rev. Obofour and his bodyguards, all cloaked in black garments, joined the … Read more

Showboy Pastor Obofour Sprays Akwaboah With Cash At Owusu Bempah’s Birthday Party – Video


Showboy pastor Rev Obofour once again flaunted his massive wealth Sunday at the birthday party of his colleague Rev Isaac Owusu Bempah. Obofour, arguably Ghana’s flashiest pastor, went about the party grounds throwing money around. It is a ritual he does at every event he attends – be it a party, wedding or funeral. It’s … Read more

Rev Obofour Calls Bishop Obinim On Live TV To Settle Their Longtime Beef – Video

obinim obofour

It seems Rev. Obofour and Angel Obinim have officially buried the hatchet and demonstrated on live television that they are at peace with each other. Just as Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale made peace and the dancehall sector became dull, the Christian fraternity are to expect a similar scenario play out in the coming days. Founder … Read more

Afia Schwarzenegger Defeated As Video of Her Publicly Begging Obofour for Money Drops

afia schwarzenegger exposed

For any ordinary person the video you’re about to watch would be a fatality and they would shrink into their shell and never be seen from or heard from again. Not Afia Schwarzenegger though, that one has no shame. Over the past several days, Afia Schwarzenegger and Ayisha Modi have been battling nonstop over Rev … Read more

You And Your Lesbian Wife Can’t Feed My Kids For A Week – Afia Schwarzenegger Heavily Insults Obofour


Fufu funu decided she will not spare Reverend Obofour and his wife today so she took time out of her unproductive Sunday to address their ongoing beef. Afia Schwarzenegger chose to let her followers know she has no regard for the pastor and his wife.  During her live video session, she claimed that Reverend Obofour … Read more

You Cursed Yourself – Ayisha Modi Drops Proof of Obofour Sending Money to Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger ayisha modi

Ayisha Modi has once again put Afia Schwarzenegger in a chokehold in the most one-sided beef of all time. Afia Schwarzenegger has been a social media nuisance for as long as we can remember, beefing anyone without fear or favour – or shame. She attacks people without thinking and would drag you to the deepest … Read more

Mona Gucci Blasts Afia Schwarzenegger for Criticising Obofour’s Enstoolment


Television presenter Mona Gucci has fired missiles at Afia Schwarzenegger for ungraciously criticising the enstoolment of Rev Asanteman Obofour as a chief by a Ga community. Mona says whoever is against that is spouting nonsense because foreigners have been enstooled as chiefs in this country before and no one said a thing! Mona Gucci is … Read more

Even A Useless Animal Like You Feels Proud of Itself – Ayisha Modi Jumps Back on Afia Schwar for Attacking Obofour

Afia Schwarzenegger ayisha modi

Ayisha Modi has taken shots at Afia Schwarzenegger, her longtime nemesis, over comments Afia has passed against Reverend Obofor, her godfather. Ayisha was in her typical foul-mouthed mood and rained unprintable insults on Afia Schwarzenegger, insults rivalling any Afia can throw out at others herself. When two foul-mouthed beasts meet, it is their close family … Read more

Does He Speak Ga? You People Are Jokers – Afia Schwar Insults Ga Leaders After Crowning Rev Obofour As A Chief


Queen Afia Schwarzenegger has questioned why Rev Obofour and his wife, Ciara Antwi would be crowned as a king and queen in a Ga land although they are both Ashantes. According to Schwar, Obofour doesn’t speak or understand Ga so she doesn’t know why some Ga leaders will enstooled him as a king. Schwar went … Read more

I Sometimes Regret Becoming A Pastor – Rev. Obofour Cries


Reverend Obofour, Founder and leader of Anointed Palace Chapel, has disclosed that he sometimes regrets choosing to become a man of God when there are millions of trades and professions out there. The famous man of God said when he sits back to thinks deeply about the insults and public ridicule he is subjected to, it … Read more

Obofour and Wife Gift Ayisha Modi A Rolls Royce for her Birthday – Photos

ayisha modi obofour

BHIM nation self-acclaimed hype woman Ayisha Modi has received the greatest birthday gift of all – a Rolls Royce. The gift is from Reverend Obofour and his wife, Bofowaa Ciara Antwi of the Anointed Palace Chapel Church. Ayisha Modi previewed the gift yesterday, Friday, July 15th 2021, when she shared a photo of herself and … Read more

‘You Cheat on Your Wife with Church Members’ – Rev Obofour Exposes Prophet Kofi Oduro


A holy war has began between two powerful Ghanaian pastors, Rev. Obofour of Annointed Palace Chapel and Prophet Kofi Oduro of the Alabaster International Ministry. A video making rounds on social media has captured Rev. Obofour throwing heavy jabs at the founder of the Alabaster International Ministry, Prophet Kofi Oduro. READ ALSO: List of Others … Read more

Rev Obofour To Challenge Church Of Pentecost By Building Ultra Modern Hospital – Video


Information in the grapevine suggests that leader of Anointed Palace Ministry, Rev. Obofour is building an ultra modern hospital in Ghana. According to sources, the self acclaimed ‘richest pastor’ decided to build this hospital after news of the Church of Pentecost building a state of the art correctional center to keep prisoners went viral. READ … Read more