Madam Show Your Face – Salma Mumin Roasts Honeymoon Deceiver Lebene Mekpah


Victoria Lebene Mekpah has decided to take over the social media space after her poorly thought out plan to deceive Ghanaians about her honeymoon location went awry. Victoria, who is probably in Adidome or Agotime Kpetoe as we speak, decided to deceive Ghanaians about her holiday location, uploading a photo of a sumptuous holiday breakfast … Read more

PHOTOS Of Actress Salma Mumin That Proves She Is The S3XIEST Lady In Town Right Now


Actress Salma Mumin has made headlines lately all at the back of her alleged relationship with movie maker Kofi Asamoah. All this came up when pictures of the two hit the internet with them at the same setting thus Greece, Santorini. READ ALSO: Ghanaians Praise Player Who Chose To Play For Spain Over Ghana — ‘It’s … Read more