LIFESTYLE: THE PRICE OF BEAUTY-How Far Would You Go To Look Beautiful Or Try To Please Those Who Tease You?


I remember growing up in Ghana, I had friends and family teased me about my flat butts. My eldest sister actually told me that my butt looked like a white man who has lost his documents. Well, at that time everyone around found it humorous except me!

I was hurt and felt really angry about it, but there was not much I could do about it. Besides, she is my elder sister and custom demands that I give her respect, so I did just that.

I am happy to say that the flat butt has worked wonders for me in the USA. Upon coming to the USA, I realized that I was at an advantage over those with bigger butts and boobs when it came to shopping for specific dresses and pants.

My body type and shape makes almost everything looks great on me. While I have heard others complain that they can only fit specific types of pants because of their big butts or hips, and others can only fit specific dresses and tops because of the lack of boobs or the excess of it.

I came across an article in an Essence magazine, and thought I should share it with you since the victim wanted her story to be told, so others can learn from her mistake.  No one is perfectly beautiful from hair to toe.

We all have some flaws with our bodies whether visible or hidden. Some lack big apple butts, others lack boobs, some lack hair, some lack the “s” shape hips, and some have bigger noses etc.  Don’t ever deceive yourself to thinking that anyone is perfect.

The story is about a woman who was fifth of six children and had been teased as a child by family friends about her flat “pancake” booty, which created a lifelong insecurity for her.  Accordingly, she vowed as a child to buy herself a bigger butts when she grew up and could afford it. And true to her words, she did! Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to pay a licensed plastic surgeon for that type of surgery, so she ended up using a “pumper.”

A “pumper” is someone who goes around injecting silicone shots into people who want to have either bigger butts or boobs. These people are unlicensed and all they need is a pump and the silicone, and bam they are in business. Many people have died at the hands of these so called “pumpers.”

I believe sometime last year or the beginning of this year, a lady from Nigeria who reside in UK lost her life to the same procedure in a Philadelphia hotel. The procedure is deadly, and can cause a lot of damage to the body if it doesn’t kill you first.

It is very expensive to perform these types of surgery by a licensed plastic surgeon.  The cost of the surgery by a licensed plastic surgeon would have cost her about $15, 000, and she didn’t have that kind of money.

A “pumper” charges about $300-$1000 for the procedure. As a result of the cost, many people have resorted to using these “pumpers” and have ended up either losing their lives or being deformed.  And that is the story of this woman who had been teased as a child for having a “pancake” butt.

As a licensed cosmetologist, this lady saw and spoke with many people on each given day.  She had seen friends and clients who have almost perfect bodies by performing the procedure through a “pumper,” so she decided to also go for it. Unfortunately her story was different.

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