More Photos From The Premiere Of ‘Shackles’ & ‘Secret Burden’ In Kumasi Feat. Selassie Ibrahim, John Dumelo, Abeiku Santana, Tagoe Sisters & Others

Kumasi on Saturday hosted various personalities as Smarttys Management and Productions premiered two of its movies.

Since movie premiere became popular in the country, Accra, the capital has been a preferred destination for premieres. From Silverbird Cinema to National Theatre – the action has always been in Accra.

Kumasi welcomed various personalities to the Golden Tulip Hotel for the premiere of two movies ‘Shackles’ and ‘Secret Burden’. The Special Guest of Honour was Nana Prah Agyensaim VI, Paramount Chief of Owirenkyi Traditional Area.

The premiere also brought together political heavyweights, entrepreneurs, musicians, radio and movie personalities such as Eddie Annan, Dan Botwe and P. V. Obeng.

The rest were Jackie Appiah, Nadia Buari, Juliet Ibrahim, Beverly Afaglo, Vivian Achor, James Gardner, John Dumelo, Ekow Blankson, Abeiku Santana, Tagoe Sisters, Desmond Elliott, Ohemaa Mercy, Kwabena Kwabena and others.

GhanaCelebrities.Com was out there to capture the below photos for you!

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karima a. says:

jackie’s dress nice and she is gorgeous. she is not cheap.

lily says:

i lovwe everything about jackie appiah.

mariam says:

wow desmond is representing..

`madam social says:

they all look great. it looks desmond lost weight. nice!

sweetness says:

WOW, Im glad they did this outside Accram Im glad they are all dressed decently especially the ladies, Selassie’s gown is gorgeous but is it not a bit too much for the premiere? I’m loving Nadias outfit and she poses really well, Is good to see Jackie in a different hairstyle but she really needs to do more with her style and her poses, is like a little girl…..she should do some arm toning exercises, the pretty face alone is not enough. i cant wait to see the movies

Semi-Cartermatic says:

lol what is James hand doing at Selassie’s behind in first picture?Bad boy! anyway some were looking sharp whiles others were looking like farmers and rice water sellers.How they got in there looking that beats my imagination.Im digging James,Desmond and Dumelo’s style tho.But John im not happy with this your kind of  keta school boys belt oooo.which kind of Belt be tht now?Overall i give 5.5 

tosefa says:

Chris,kindly add the name of the personalities in the Photos under each foto and stop making the site looks like 1persons album….

ato says:

they all kook good but jackie must stop bloating.

Opanin says:

omg!!!!!whts that man in suit beside Ohemaa Mercy wearing????dude wht are those shoes for……lol…it cracks me up when i see old men tryin to look hip….hahahahahahahahaahahaaa

everyone is lookin fab…i think John should try and look a bit more than casual to these events.James is ma man for the day.

cici says:

@Opanin,hes a radio presenter called Kwame Adinkra..but seriously i dunno why he has those shoes on..lmao

Opanin says:

@cici, oh ok….the guy whos been judging on mentor auditions.i guess those he insulted for not having good voices on mentor have one on him too. his fashion sense is way below par.

cici says:

awww I miss Tagoe good to c them sing together..Desmond,next cut ur hair..this afro or whatever the name is,doesn’t look good on u..Nadia looks amazing..Beverly,get a room n change right now..Kwame Adinkra,don’t wear those black n white shoe with a suit anymore..never never at all..John D a.k.a. Mr.

Miyagi says:


Betty says:

It’s true that these women loves to and can sing….Tagoe sisters allllllll day!!!!!!!!

Amoah says:

Kumasi, you did a great job, no fat legs showing or big, large breasts popping out. 🙂 Else where we’ll have seen something, not so tasty!!

Though I’ll have to say, what the H#%& is Beverly wearing? and what happened to her body shape?!?! and this is a women with no children or dose she have children?!?!

Miyagi says:

@Amoah,Lol you spotted that right 

Miyagi says:

Woow suit with mini vans your not easy at all. 

ato says:

@Amoah,sis be careful.

akosua says:


S3M3NHYIA says:

@Amoah, I agree Amoah plus I think the dress is a tad bit too short for a married woman?

naa asheley says:

Loving Selassie Ibrahim’s dress…. Beverly’s dress?? Still in the wedding mood I guess LOL.

nanya martinson says:

Jackies dress looks so cheap…. Nadia looks great and selase too

Sasha says:

the gurl wit the braids next to Jackie though.. Im lovin those braids!!!

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