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ASPIRING MODEL-Winifred Boansi

Winifred Boansi

I was born in Archway , North London but grew up in East London. From age 9 I have always aspired to become a Television/ Radio Presenter as I always wanted to be the centre of attention and loved the thought of being known by a lot of people. Aged 15 (in my second to last year of secondary school) we were given the opportunity to do a 2 week work experience placement at whatever place we desired, however I had a lot of problems finding a media work based placement.

Eventually, with the help of one of my secondary school teachers I managed to gain the opportunity to do a 2 week work experience placement at Voice of Africa Radio. I got involved in a variety of tasks such as researching, distributing leaflets; vox pops & presenting the news live on air. After my work experience I knew that this would not be the end for me, and strived to get involved in other things.

So I became a student writer for a magazine called “Ful On” and have so far written 2 articles one based on peer pressure which is one of the major issues that teenagers face, and my other article was biased on gun and knife crime. In 2006-2008, I decided to go to college to study Media Production, in which I developed, the skills to edit, film, script write and interview members of the public.

A year ago, I went to a studio to get some professional photos done which came out nice. A lot of my friends advised me to try and get into modeling; however I did not take them seriously. Currently after finishing my first year of University; in which I am studying Radio Production, I have decided to get into modeling, in my spare time as well as make my education the number 1 priority.

I believe that modeling will open many doors for me, such as getting into acting & presenting. All in all I aspire to be a Presenter, model, script writer and actress. I believe sky is the limit and I want to prove to all the black young youths like myself that anything is possible so long as you are willing achieve and stay motivated.


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  1. im feelin you ok you are real …………are you married or better still can we be friends.You are a model in the making ,you can cuz you look great.


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