The Dominance Of Ghanaian Movie Stars In Nigeria Part 1

Yvonne Nelson

There has been a recent increase of Ghanaian actors and actresses in the Nigerian market. This has called for a deep concern as to why and what has caused the rise in the number of actors and actresses dominating in Nigeria. Many reasons may be due to the fact of the high level of expertise shown by the Nigerian movie stakeholders. We can mention of the likes of Van Vicker the Liberian born Ghanaian actor, Nadia Buria, Jacky Appiah, the peoples favourite in the high qualify movie called the Perfect Picture.

Among the reasons that one might say, may be the high remunerations enjoyed by the Ghanaian actors and actresses whiles in Nigeria. Many are said to be paid in high amount of dollars, whiles in Ghana in their local currency. Hence actors and actresses find it more rewarding to divert into Nigeria to make it big over there. Another dimension of the case may be a form of getting the right skills and coaching as far as movie is concern.

Also Nigeria has got a long and sounding history in their movie industry, which compels more actors and actresses to get into their market. This makes them more competitive and more challenging roles they find them self in.

According to my own personal survey, I discovered that, some people are of the view that the blend of the actors and actress from the two great nations in Africa helps to make the movie more impeccable and great. The sense of seeing Rita Dominic along side Yvonne Nelson in a movie like Fantasia Fantasy makes it possible to see the great talent of our actors and actresses. Some of the Nigerian actors and actresses are of the view that, they themselves find if more appealing to work with their Ghanaian counterparts because they are nice people to work with, with high level of enthusiasm eventhough there have been recent criticisms about some of the behaviour of actors and actresses in Nigeria.

To some Ghanaian actors and actresses, going beyond their national frontier is a form of diversification of their skills and hard work. They think people have seen their good works and for that matter is giving them the benefit of the doubt to exhibit in other locations. So they therefore see no apparent reason for a doubt about their dominance in the Nigeria market.

But, what I think be it Ghanaians dominating in the Nigerian Market or Nigerian dominating in the Ghanaian market is, to focus on the true sense of the movie to make the customers who buy the movies appreciate what they watch. Hence, the blend of the two actors and actresses shows where our movie industry on the continent is moving to, which I called the converging zone of our movie industry.

Source: Nigeriashowbiz


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