More Nonsense: William Bedzrah, Communications Director of the INSIGNIA Group,Organizers & Producers of Miss Universe Ghana Just Phoned Me To Insult, Threat + More…


I just got a phone call from one Mr.William Dedzrah who claims to be the Communications Director of Insignia Group, the organizers and producers of Miss Universe Ghana pageant and to my surprise, he simply placed the call from his  Ghana phone number ending 52029 to insult me for expressing my honest opinion about their choosing of Miss Yayra Erica Nego as the winner of Miss Universe Ghana.

Mr William Dedzrah started his insults with threats that my blog is defaming his contestant and strongly asked that we desist from expressing our opinions or discussing their winner-Miss Yayra Erica Nego.

When did it become a crime and under which law is it a crime for a person to hold an OPINION? You won’t believe how ill mannered Mr William Bedzrah became on the phone by shouting on top of his voice and demanding that whatever questions I have, I should ask him instantly.

He shouted ‘coward, you are stupid and an idiot journalist, do you know what your stupid journalism has caused us? I am coming to UK tomorrow and so ask me whatever you want. Do you know Erica, why are you hating on her? She is a citizen of Ghana and she has the right to win’.

Receiving insults and rants on phone from people for expressing my opinion on public issues is nothing new to me, however, what I will not tolerate from people like Mr William Bedzrah is threats and false accusation.

In the midst of  his insults and shouting, William Bedzrah accused me of having created ‘some facebook page’ to tarnish the image of their chosen winner. He continued by saying, I should remove all photos of Miss Yayra Erica Nego on this blog and the ‘facebook page’ I am supposed to have created. What the heck? What facebook page is he talking about?

So is this one of the persons behind the wheels of Miss Universe Ghana? I’m totally disappointed. I Pray for the pageant and it’s contestants.

With such ill mannerisms, aggressive efforts to keep people silent from expressing their opinion and threats being sent just because I questioned certain things I could not come to terms with concerning the crowning of Miss Yayra Erica Nego, then I will end this post by saying: the Pagaent must be  closely audited and checked by those concerned because I smell a rotten fish in there…

I recorded the conversation, insults and threats that the Communications Director of the INSIGNIA Group,Organizers & Producers of Miss Universe Ghana sent, I will probably publish them after talking to certain legal experts.

And he said, I should find a better job to do and stop writing crap. Maybe I will consider looking for a job but surely It will not be getting involved with any scamming beauty pageant…Cockroach !


Photo Credit: Ameyaw Debrah


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