Clash At NPP Headquarters: 2 Injured

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It’s becoming almost tiring, these reports of violence involving the NPP.

Supporters of embattled party chairman Paul Afoko besieged the party headquarters in Accra this afternoon. In the process, they clashed with the so-called ‘Invisible Forces’, the group who have been guarding the party headquarters since the inception of this crisis.

Numbering about 20, they were quickly chased away by the ‘Invisible Forces’, who were armed with clubs, stones, and horse whips.

In the ensuing melee, two people, part of the group of Afoko supporters, are believed to have sustained various degrees of injuries. The commotion was stopped by a group of police personnel on the scene.

As the days go by, instead of calm being restored, conditions seem to be deteriorating.

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  1. What I don’t understand about these fools is that, they are being brainwashed to fight for a man whom upon ascending to the position won’t remember them for nothing but that’s none of my business

  2. What at all is wrong with some Ghanaians.
    I cant believe in this day and age. In this 2015 people still partake in such ridiculous behavior. Clashing over a man who is probably busy relaxing somewhere enjoying his money while you don’t even have access to electricity. Stories like these really do make me sad. the youth in the country are so lost.
    I mean I don’t even blame them.

    But seriously there is no electricity even if you get hurt the facilities for treatment are unavailable. why would you risk your life over such trivial matters.