DID SHE REALLY SAY THAT: Juliet Ibrahim Says She SAW An Alligator in the Accra Flood

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Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

I didn’t want to believe she said this but she actually did.

Perhaps, she is talking about some large Agama lizard—you remember those big stubborn lizards? We saw one too.

Anyway, Juliet Ibrahim recently took to instagram to recount her experience during the Accra flood which caused the death of over 200 people.

The actress wrote; “Exactly one week today, Whilst filming #ewhas my new tv series my cast and crew were all inside this house located in Trasacco area and the wall broke down , house and compound was flooded and water level was as high as our waist. Cars were damaged, equipment damaged but we thank God for our lives and we made it out of the compound through the flood leaving everything behind.”

She added;  “The following day we went back there and we found out alligator was inside the house; my body creeps knowing we walked through the flood and such animals were loitering around as well.”

Do we really have a lot of these alligators walking around Accra? Maybe there was some sort of wrong identification going on there. But we are glad Juliet Ibrahim is safe—from any alligator attack or shock.

Not this Alligator though
Not this Alligator though

Stop lying


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  1. hahahahahahha…………from now on i’ll call her Miss Juliet Alligator Ibrahim. Girl, I know u like taking pictures so where was ur phone/camera when u saw the alligator? eish………

  2. It is not impossible that she saw what she thinks she saw. I used to live in Takoradi many many years ago and I saw an animal that looked very much like a small alligator. I also remember someone showing me animals that looked like baby alligators.

    1. It looked like one but it wasn’t right? That’s exactly what the writer is talking about. You both are on the same page. Juliet doesn’t know what the heck she saw.

  3. She was not the only one,there were few people around, u guys can found out instead of u calling her a liar it could be true u know

  4. ?I m scared, instead of us to be afraid, we r lafn over it, becuz if care is nt taken, am few years to cm we will all be eatn by alligators…… ?….hahahahaha…. I m scared….

  5. Monitor Lizard (Mampam) I guess and not Agama Lizard as the writer stated. Most people confuse Monitor Lizard with Alligator and maybe that’s what Juliet saw.