Vybrant Faya's Last Words To His Manager Would Leave You Tearing Up

Vybrant Faya
Vybrant Faya

Vybrant Faya shocked the entire nation when news of his demise hit the airwaves and almost everybody was in shock.
The incident was so abrupt and out of the blue that it took a while for it to sink in – and reiterated this very important message about life.
Mr Logic, who was the manager of the ‘Mampi’ hitmakrer before his tragic passing, has spoken out on the shocking death and how it has massively affected him.
Speaking on Hitz Fm Monday, Mr Logic also revealed the final words of the artiste before he made off to a business meeting that turned out to be his last.
“The last thing he said to me was that he can’t wait to get his career back on line and I told him he shouldn’t worry, he will make it.” Mr Logic said on Hitz.
“He is Emmanuel; I’m also Emmanuel so I see him as my little brother than an artiste… Vybrant Faya was a loyal youth,”
He also revealed that Faya had attended a business meeting to resolve some issues when he died, knocked down by a motorbike.
“For the past week, there have been a whole lot of issues with Vybrant Faya and his management. He was in the process of solving it… The label SMF is different from his management by contract from day one; before the ‘Mampi’ song was released. He has a management and an executive label. Anything about Vybrant Faya, both parties should agree,” Mr Logic told KMJ.
“They were done with the meeting. He had gotten to the Accra Mall and was stepping to cross the road. Unfortunately, a motorbike with a high speed knocked him,”


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