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3 Things I Wish My Man Knew–What Every Woman Wants in A Man


As a woman, it is infinitely important for me that my man rests secure and comfortable in my love. I know however, that most men are uncomfortable and insecure in the knowledge that they have a strong, well put-together woman with ambition.
The result, a strong woman goes in for a man who has the guts to approach her, forming the idea that he’s strong enough for her. In the end, she gets hurt because he really isn’t what he seems. Now what does a strong woman really want her man, who may not necessarily be so strong, to know?
Confidence is EVERYTHING
Being able to carry yourself with an air of confidence, maybe a bit of arrogance, is as close to attractive as a man can get. Timidity really is unappealing. You don’t need to go begging a woman on your knees to prove how much you want her, you don’t need to kowtow to her every whim even when it doesn’t make sense, you don’t need to cower in her presence because she’s strong.

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Get some manly cologne, throw on your favorite slim fit shirt, saunter into the room as though you have no care in the world, walk up to me with full assurance that I’m yours…amd I just might be!
Feeling Good is Synonymous with Looking Good
Now a woman expecting her man to look good doesn’t imply she wants him to spend his entire savings on his wardrobe.That shows a lack of vision and is a no-no. Invest in yourself.
Get it right with the basics, the right CLEAN boxer shorts, good fitting shirts, a good pair or two of trousers, well-polished shoes, nice cologne (note we don’t want to be sneezing when you’re two miles off!) and you’re good to go.
Nobody cares the cost at which you got them. Once you feel good in your 2gh shirts, you will rock them like they cost 200gh. Invest in feeling good. Appreciate your looks, else nobody else can!
Brainy is Sexy!
We’re not saying you can’t be with us if you aren’t “smart”…we’re only saying having intelligent conversation is healthy for a relationship. The “I miss you” and all the talk about sex gets boring. Engage our brains. Engage our spirits!
Tell us what interests you aside our body. Let’s talk about stuff aside the big house and kids we’ll have in future. Tell us about a course you took, something, anything, but please engage us. We weren’t daft!

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A relationship would suffer if our interests are so diverse.. How can we reconcile the differences? My opinion matters as much as yours, listen to me.. Have an opinion too, defend your opinion, make sense to me, let me make sense to you. Intellect is never boring! Invest in a good book or two, acquire a wide store of knowledge, be smart in your own way.
That said, I hope the next time you meet a woman with a mind of her own, you don’t run off because you feel inadequate, I hope you don’t try to reduce her to what our ancestors were, I hope she challenges you to be at your peak and I hope the strength you draw from her takes you places and it will.
Submitted By: Irene Konadu


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