I Produced my First Movie at Age 21 and Bought Land with the Profits — Tracey Boakye Explains why Nobody Is Responsible for Her Success after Calming Down

A few days ago, Actress Tracey Boakye just went ballistic on social media without seemingly any provocation. Apparently, she had been ticked off by people saying that her success was only attributable to her support for the NDC.

She uploaded a video in which she angrily spewed gibberish, attempting to explain to everyone that she has worked very hard for herself and no one else is responsible for her success.

Tracey Boakye, screaming like a demented cat and threatening anyone who ever attributes her success to the NDC, was probably not getting her message accross due to the simple shrill nature of her voice.

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After getting a chance to calm down, Boakye appeared on YFM in Kumasi to get her message accross more calmly this time.

She said she has hustled all her life and was already rich by age 21, when she produced her first movie and used the profits to buy herself a piece of land.

“I’m a very hardworking woman. They know who I am and that’s why I get hurt when they spew such untruths. I produced my first movie at age 21 and bought my land with profits from the sales of the movie,” she said.

“I don’t know where people concoct such stories from. The Mahamas are all my dads and uncles and nothing more.”

Boakye said the Mahamas are like family to her, especially Ibrahim Mahama who helped her with her business.

“I like the Mahamas. Ibrahim Mahama for instance will encourage you because of his entrepreneurial skills. He directs me on ways to run my businesses hence dedicating my award to him. Ibrahim is my friend. I like him and he likes me too.”

Boakye therefore said it hurts her that after all her ‘hustling’, people keep attributing her success to others and not to herself.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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