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Soggy Yam and Chicken Tasting Like Sugar – Customers Tell Us the Food at Van Vicker’s ‘Vantastic Grill’ Is A Disaster

It’s Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year. A young couple in Accra have decided that they want nothing more than to have a great meal, stay indoors and just enjoy movies the entire day.

Someone suggests Van Vicker‘s ‘Vantastic Grill’ to them. The actor, trying to diversify his income sources, has started a restaurant cleverly named after him to capitalize on his fame.

He hardly goes a few days without heavily promoting the restaurant on his social media pages. Vicker and his Vantastic Grill is the new Reggie Rockstone and bottled waakye.

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Back to our couple, they ordered a meal of grilled yam and chicken from the restaurant to enjoy their day with. Little did they know all hell was about to break loose.

The gentleman told me in a call that their day went to hell after that. The food was a hot mess and it was a huge shock to them that someone as famous as Van Vicker was willing to put his name to that.

The yam was soggy, tiny and not well done. “We could not tell if it was boiled or roasted,” my source told me.

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The chicken, I’m told, even tasted like sugar! I don’t think I’ve ever heard that critique against fried chicken before – it was that bad.


The whole meal was a mess – even the pepper wasn’t spared.

I’m also told that the rice sold at the restaurant is another disaster waiting to happen. Another customer who purchased their rice went home and discovered he would have been better off throwing his money into a gutter.

It’s amazing to think that a celebrity at the level of Vicker would put up an eatery and face such issues. If you’re opening a restaurant that would sort of bear your name, you would think the first step is to ensure the food is top-notch.

Per what we’re being told, the food at Vantastic Grill isn’t. Of course, one man’s poison is another man’s meat. Perhaps some people like their yam soggy and their chicken tasting like sugar.

Have you ever eaten at the Vantastic Grill? What was your experience like?

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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