Do Not Leave Your Husband Just Because He Cheated -Akuapem Poloo Advises Xandy

Listen. Poloo is definitely the slowest socialite we have. In an industry like the Ghanaian entertainment where the bar is so low, how do you still manage to carry last?

Well, As Xandy Kamel returned to the news in grand style, Poloo also has some advice to give her for her marriage.

She addressed her as Sis and told her she knows she is going through a lot but her basis for leaving her marriage should be revised.

She stated that if the man is not abusing her and is “just” cheating then she should not leave her marriage because all men cheat.

So per Poloo‘s analogy, abuse can only be physical. The emotional side of Xandy crying on live and screaming depression on her page is to be totally ignored because the abuse wasn’t physical.

Physical abuse kills but depression where someone writes a SUICIDE NOTE is not that serious and cannot lead to death…well, according to Poloo.

She indeed is the slowest pea in the pot. Going back to her post, she said she should not leave thinking there is anything better outside because she will not find anything like that.

She gave the poorest advice by saying their mothers went through that and stood by their fathers so nowhere cool. Why does the victim always have to be the bigger person and be the one to forgive?

These are the same people who go to church to pray and break generational curses but generational cheating and emotional abuse is where they draw the line.

And who is she to tell another person what to cope with and what not to cope with. If Xandy is not comfortable with her husband having extra marital affairs to the extent that it deeply affects her mental health, how is Poloo telling her to stomach it all?

Meanwhile, she will definitely be one of the first ones to post an RIP or wear black if something terrible happens because of the emotional trauma Xandy is going through.

She ended in the name of God and told her to leave everything to God…to leave everything BUT that marriage.

If we expected better from Poloo then this post will be shocking but one thing about Poloo, she will stick to the brand and be a disappointment every time.

At least she got many to agree with her line of logic this time around so she definitely is feeling like Einstein. What are the odds?



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