It Is In VOGUE – But Is It for You?



Each season, we buy into the newest fashion, trend or over hyped product and replace working items with newer models – because it is in vogue. We (ladies especially) follow fashion and love to keep up with all the trends; but oftentimes, what is in vogue is not necessarily for us. Fashion is marketed in such a way that one is compelled to ‘attain a certain look’. Many women have negative self-images if they don’t look or dress up to the ideals of the high fashion world…this could be due to weight/body type, hairstyles, make-up, jewellery, and so on.

People appear ‘fashionable’ and ‘up to date’ when seen in/with the latest attire or accessories. Some deny their own wants or tastes just to appeal to others and they follow the latest fashion even if it makes them look bad – really bad. Unlike the people they want to appeal to, they don’t take into consideration how explosive their thighs are, the small/massive butt and bust and their skin tone when they apply makeup or paint their face.

If you look bad in skinny jeans/leggings, for example, you’ll still look bad in them no matter how trendy they are at the moment. People who seriously need to hide their bellies are usually the ones who display it. I don’t see any cuteness in displaying flabs, love handles, stretch marks and cellulites all in the name of ‘latest’. Some ladies don’t feel comfortable in the nude in the presence of their husbands/partners but find it cool displaying it outside

Personally, there are fashion items I admire on people but will never wear because either my body type won’t allow it, or I don’t like to wear it because of comfort or otherwise. Persuading me to buy the latest big/hoop/drop earrings won’t wash because I don’t like. 

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Transforming The Latest Runway Trends Into Everyday Look | Tips To Get You Start

Pic 3

Dear fashion lovers, if you are like me, most times when you see runway collections, the only question that comes up to mind is ‘Can I actually wear this’?

It is great to admire and appreciate the artistic talents of fashion designers but your most important need as a fashionista is how to transform these looks into practical every day wear. Here are a few tips to help you look trendy and fashionable.

The Tea length/Midi Dress: If you want to look sexy, yet decent and covered, the midi dress is the perfect solution for you. I love this dress because it makes you look very classy when worn right.

Pic 1

How to get the look: The midi dress is quite difficult to pull off due to the nature of the dress. It makes you look shorter than you actually are. In order to make the most of your dress consider wearing shoes that elongates the feet. Pointed shoes with long heels are

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CELEB STYLE: Bola Ray’s Stylish Appearance At The 2013 MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards



The 2013 MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards which was held over the weekend in Accra did not only give special highlight to Ghanaian music videos, fashion was a keynote feature at the event which pulled several celebrities to the Accra International Conference Centre…

On the all-important high stage, Joselyn Dumas could have survived as a lone ranger—fashion wise. But ace broadcaster and the CEO of Empire Entertainment-Bola Ray (real name Nathaniel Kwabena Adisi Anokye) took risk with his style—and he got it right, adding the needed swag to their stage appearance.

Several Ghanaian Celebrities have failed in attempt to nail the shorts and blazer outlook but Bola Ray perfectly pulled it together, with an ‘unfettered’ SWAG!

Are you feeling Bola Ray’s look?

Bola Ray and Joselyn Dumas2

Check below for more…

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FOR THE LADIES: You Can Now Get A Booty Like That Of Kim Kardashian For Just £6 & It Will Not Be A Surgery!

The days when women were insecure of their backsides and could not wear certain dresses or pants have become a thing of past, courtesy of cheap and expensive surgery. More also, there are several bum pads out there to help some of us women adjust and feel confidence when we step out of the house. … Read more

Dress Code, Does it Matter?

black woman


Of course it does…

Somewhere last year I went to Hugh Masakela’s concert with my in-laws. We were having a really good time till a lady I know from around town came to sit by us and tried to get my attention. What did I do, I totally ignored her.

Not because I don’t like her, in fact I have no reason to not like her but we are not best friends so on a normal day I will be nice. But you see, this was a public function and I was among people who respect me and this girl came wearing neon coloured leggings, drawing out her huge bum, with a blouse which I believe was originally meant to be a chemise and a red wig with makeup like a traffic light. Bear in mind that this is an adult function with mainly grown, respectable men and women and it would draw negative attention to me to introduce someone like that as a friend.

But if she had worn something more appropriate, I might have let her sit with us and join in the conversation. You simply need to wear the right thing. Do not walk into a decent place looking like a showgirl off the streets of Vegas. Even if you are, is it the right place?

In the same vein, you cannot walk into somebody’s office wearing what you wore to the night club yesterday! When you do such things, you ridicule and pass judgement on your character even before you are addressed.

Have you ever been to a wedding and gotten confused about who exactly the bride is? Basically because there are too many ladies dressed more flamboyantly than a peacock—even more disturbing, at traditional weddings when the bride is easily overshadowed.

I dare say some friends do this deliberately because nothing explains how you know you are not the one getting married but still you wear a white gown with a train or combine the most expensive lace with the most expensive Kente to sew a dress that is big, attractive and fluffy enough to be spotted from miles away. Then as if that is not enough, you top it up with diamond shoes and a hat that will literally provide shade for anyone within 300 yards of you.

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CELEB STYLE: Juliet Ibrahim Goes For The Quirky But Stylish Look | You Can GRAB It Too!

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

With a look that says, quirky but stylish, actress/producer Juliet Ibrahim was recently spotted in a super cool red plaid/tartan leggings.

It’s a bold look that takes someone daring and confident to pull off. Juliet has cleverly teamed up the leggings with a smart black blouse and a pair of black leather loafers.

The black sets off the chunky gold jewellery, although  I’m thinking the outfit  would look a whole lot better without the bling-a-ling animal print sports hat that clashes the patterned red leggings. But overall it a hot look! By the way, I want that tote burgundy BAG!!! Do we love it?

Other celebrities such as Singer/Actress Christina Milian have also rocked the plaid pattern look. The trick is to wear the leggings or trousers with black to pull the look together.

If you’re looking for a trendy, unique but affordable way to brighten up your winter wardrobe, plaid/tartan is the perfect way to add a splash of colour and character amongst all the blacks, browns and grey that take over our winter wardrobes.

Check out the below ideas from your UK high street for how to put together inspirations for this look…

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Photo Shoot From When Super Model-Naomi Campbell Visited Ghana!

Naomi Campbell6


When British super model-Naomi Campbell came to Ghana few months ago, she took advantage of her trip to showcase how today’s First Ladies can maintain their status and still look elegant on a state trip with timeless fashion…

According to style director of W Magazine-Edward Enninful, “It’s a tribute to a modern day First Lady on a state trip, evoking the kind of timeless style that could have existed in the 1940′s, 60′s, or even today” .

Check out more of the shots Naomi Campbell took in Ghana for W Magazine…

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