KSM Takes Ghanaian Movie Makers To The Cleaners! He Says Their Movies Are ‘Concert’!

Father (KSM) and child (DKB) handshake with smiles beaming every where as Forster looks on

Ghanaian actor, satirist and TV Personality, Kwaku Sintim-Misa [KSM] has taken Ghanaian movie makers to the cleaners due to what he calls poor nature of their movies. Even though he didn’t mention names, he described their movies as “concert” to show his strong aversions.
The actor who doubles as the host of a weekly entertaining program on Metro TV; ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ utterances came at the time when the Ghana Movie Industry has seen a magnificent growth in the areas of costuming, directing, scripting and the equipment used in filming.
The growth has also seen major players in the industry winning prestigious awards in and out the African continent. Also Hollywood movie stars have made appearances in Ghanaian movies but KSM is unmoved.

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