‘Don’t Blame Telenovelas For our Dead Movie Industry’ — Adwoa Yeboah Adjei To Ghanaians


Apparently, the Ghanaian movie industry is dead and fingers are being pointed on Ghanaian Television stations for introducing foreign contents such as telenovelas in the country.

These contents have successfully diverted and stolen the love and passion Ghanaians had for their own movies. A Ghanaian wouldn’t mind watching telenovela the whole day without even thinking about the existence of Ghanaian movies.

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VIDEO: Kwaku Manu Spews Garbage On Gabby Otchere-Darko Over His Hypocritical Comment Against Ghana Movies — Watch


NPP top member, Gabby Otchere-Darko is facing the wrath of Kumawood Movie star, Kwaku Manu for speaking badly about the state of Ghana’s Movie Industry.

Gabby, a few months ago, trashed Ghanaian movies and discredited them on his Facebook page after watching a few of them.

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8 Ghanaian Movies & 3 Foreign Movies to Be Released Per Week at Opera Square in Ghana



GhanaCelebrities.Com has gathered from Opera Square that an understanding has been reached amongst the stakeholders in the film industry to release 8 Ghanaian movies and 3 foreign movies per week for sale.

On 30th Jan, 2014, GhanaCelebrities.Com posted a story headlined “Only in Ghana: 125 movies released in 2 weeks” in which we mentioned that, in December 2013, 125 movies were released in a space of 2 weeks…

GhanaCelebrities.Com therefore visited Opera Square today to ask whether they are able to make profit or break even; in the face of the huge quantities of movies they release unto the film market per week. In other words, do people buy the movies which seem to be outwitting demand?

It was there that we gathered from one man who only gave his name as Ibrahim – a film seller, that, an understanding has been reached amongst the Film Producers Association of Ghana FIPAG and the Film Marketers, Distributors and Sellers Association that only 8 Ghanaian and 3 foreign movies, shall be released per week.

Indeed, he revealed that the directive took effect from Monday 3rd Feb, 2013.

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People Don’t Want To Invest In Ghanaian Movies – Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian born Lebanese Actress, Juliet Ibrahim, is calling on corporate Ghana and other investors to support the Ghana movie industry as she takes a great step into movie production. Ahead the premiere of the actress’ first self produced movie – ‘The Number One Fan’ scheduled for October 25 at the National Theatre, Juliet has spoken … Read more

The State of Ghanaian Movies: Why Are We Progressing At A Retrogressive Rate?

  Gone are the days when watching Ghanaian movies was a family thing. Nowadays you will be lucky to find a Ghanaian movie to watch with your little ones without being worried about the content or the words being used in the movie. Growing up, the only thing you had to worry about was the … Read more

KSM Takes Ghanaian Movie Makers To The Cleaners! He Says Their Movies Are ‘Concert’!

Father (KSM) and child (DKB) handshake with smiles beaming every where as Forster looks on

Ghanaian actor, satirist and TV Personality, Kwaku Sintim-Misa [KSM] has taken Ghanaian movie makers to the cleaners due to what he calls poor nature of their movies. Even though he didn’t mention names, he described their movies as “concert” to show his strong aversions.
The actor who doubles as the host of a weekly entertaining program on Metro TV; ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ utterances came at the time when the Ghana Movie Industry has seen a magnificent growth in the areas of costuming, directing, scripting and the equipment used in filming.
The growth has also seen major players in the industry winning prestigious awards in and out the African continent. Also Hollywood movie stars have made appearances in Ghanaian movies but KSM is unmoved.

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