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Joey B Thrills Crowd at the Big Brother Live Eviction Show |Frankie and Permithias Evicted

Posted on 10 Nov 2014 at 3:21pm

Ghanaian artist Joey B, thrilled DStv audiences at the Big Brother Africa eviction show this weekend by performing his popular song, Tonga.

Even though musical duo Frankie (Rwanda) and Permithias (Namibia) made it past the halfway mark of Big Brother Hotshots, but their journey ended on Day 35 after failing to gather enough votes from Africa to keep them in the running for the USD300 000 prize. The evicted duo follow compatriots Arthur and Luis, who were part of the trio sent home last week, meaning that Rwanda and Namibia are now out of Big Brother Hotshots altogether.

Butterphly’s surprise was both visible and audible when Head of House Idris revealed during the show that he’d added her to the nomination list. His reason was that he knew she was a strong person, but didn’t believe in herself – so he wanted Africa to vote for her to show her how strong she really is. Still reeling from the news, she stood alongside the other nominees and was relieved when first Frankie and then Permithias left, instead of her. (more…)

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‘If You Got the Opportunity to Be On BBA You Might Get N*ked Yourself’-DKB Tells Ghanaians

Posted on 25 Oct 2014 at 11:55am


There has been a lot of brouhaha over how the insanely popular reality show Big Brother Africa is losing its essence, and how it has turned more into an avenue to promote ‘seks’ and immorality.

The interesting thing about this to me though, is that those who complain still keep watching. If you are so bothered maybe stop watching and find something else to occupy your time.

Anyway, Derrick Kobina Bonney, or DKB, one of Ghana’s former representatives on the show has laid into the members of the public who keep complaining about the show. To him BBA is about more than just n*dity and immorality, but it’s a big opportunity to market yourself which people try to do through any means possible.

DKB was speaking on Radio Universe and said he had the same complaints before entering the house.

“People who are always complaining about the n*kedness would stop complaining if they get the opportunity to enter the house. The main focus of the show is about you and your personality not the n*ked scenes” (more…)

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VIDEO: The Big Brother Africa Crazy Has Started… Luis Gives Lillian Bum Therapy?

Posted on 06 Oct 2014 at 3:55pm

WTF is Bum therapy?

It simply means sitting from the back of a woman with a good backshot and squeezing the back—at least that is what Luis from Namibia and Lillian from Nigeria agree on as bum therapy in the Big Brother Hotshots house.

Though they call it physical therapy, we certainly can see what is going on and the RIGHT name is “bum therapy”.

On this early note, it looks like we should put on our seat belt for that naughty-nasty Big Brother Africa journey.

And remember it is called Hotshots—maybe backshots for now.

Oh Lilian is a damn stripper by profession so don’t worry about morality out there… Check out the video below… (more…)

New Big Brother Africa House Has Been Found | Official Launch Date Revealed

Posted on 13 Sep 2014 at 2:55pm

M-Net and Endemol SA are delighted to confirm that a new Big Brother house has been found in Johannesburg, South Africa following the devastating fire that demolished the original house on 2 September. The search was concluded after exploring all possible options both locally and internationally, for a suitable venue to produce the 9th season of Africa’s biggest reality show.

M-Net and Endemol SA are pleased to announce that Big Brother Hotshots will officially launch on Sunday 5 October AT 19:00 CAT. As they countdown to the launch, fans across the continent can look forward to some pleasant surprises in true Biggie fashion. (more…)

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There Is a Probability that this Year’s Big Brother Africa Will Take Place in a Different African Country

Posted on 05 Sep 2014 at 8:44am

According to Anne Sackey, Marketing and Communications Manager at MultiChoice Ghana, organizers of Big Brother Africa (Endemol SA and M-Net) are currently looking around South Africa and other African countries with adequate facilities to host the Big Brother Hotshot.

This comes because of the fire outbreak that resulted in the collapse of the building in which this year’s edition of BBA was to be filmed. All previous seasons of BBA were filmed in South Africa, so it will be the very first time if it happens that this particular season is produced in a different African country.

In her submission, she pointed it out that even though the organizers of Africa’s biggest reality show (BBA) are searching for a different location in South Africa and other countries, if they however find a suitable place in Nigeria, they will move to Nigeria to commence the reality show.

“They (organizers) have made it known to us that the launch cannot take place this coming Sunday (September 7, 2014). Currently, they are hunting around South Africa and even on the African continent to see if they will find appropriate set they will use for Big Brother. It can happen that if they find an appropriate place in Nigeria, they will move Big Brother there; but they require at least a week to let us know”, Anne stated. (more…)

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Africa’s Biggest Reality Show-Big Brother Africa is Back

Posted on 26 May 2014 at 5:13pm

Are you ready for the drama, loads of laughter and tears? Big Brother Africa will never disappoint! Get ready to be dazzled when Africa’s biggest reality series hits the screens on 7 September 2014!

It’s Big Brother Time and since the first season, the reality series has attracted some funny, dramatic, weird and wonderful characters that have kept viewers glued to the screens 24/7. Some housemates who have been part of this huge show have had their talents realized and have gone on to grace TV screens; newspapers and have their profiles trending on every social media site, blog and website.

Season 9 is no different; in fact, housemates and viewers alike will be pleasantly surprised at how Biggie intends to rise to this one. And in true Big Brother fashion, fans of the show and potential housemates will have to wait and see how he will turn dreams of some deserving and eager youngsters into reality and transform them into household names. (more…)

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BIG BROTHER AFRICA-The Chase: As The First Ghanaian To Make It To Big Brother Africa Finals, Can Elikem Win The Mighty CASH?

Posted on 09 Aug 2013 at 11:06am

Even if he does not win the competition prize of $300,000, he will surely have something be proud of—as the first Ghanaian to have made it to the finals of Big Brother Africa…

Unless something drastic comes up and Elikem is disqualified, GhanaCelebrities.Com can say he is heading to the finals of this year’s Big Brother Africa reality TV Show after he won the head of house title for next week—-which grants him the power to save himself from eviction in the final nominations show next week.

Immediately Big Brother announced that; next week’s Head of House is Elikem, the Ghanaian boy who has been pretty decent throughout the show was congratulated by his housemates….

“Congratulations man. I’m sure your country is proud of you,” Dillish said to him. Feza from Tanzania also said “look at you being so quiet. This is a first. You’re supposed to be making noise”.

Elikem’s achievement is great and it also shows that, you can head to the finals of Big Brother Africa even if you do not engage in absurd and immoral activities such as cheaply sleeping with Housemates and passing on STD to them.

Where is Selly?

Congrats Elikem!

Selly Of Big Brother Africa Fame Says She Will Not Take Any Court Action Against Nando Because God Has Answered Her Prayers…

Posted on 08 Aug 2013 at 12:05pm

First of all, did Selly really wanted to sue Nando? And for what was she going to sue him? Probably, for being thick and letting the confused guy freely bang her…

We think God did not listen to her prayers though she says otherwise…The way and manner we invoke God in Africa is just silly.

Anyway, Selly says she will not be taking any court actions against Nando because his disqualification is a good punishment from God for all the evil he has done her…

And what about the evil Selly did him by giving him STD? LOL

According to Graphic Showbiz;

Selly has had other ideas. She told Showbiz last Tuesday that she was no longer interested in pursuing any legal action against Nando since “God has intervened and fought her fight for her”.

“No, I won’t take any legal action against Nando because my God has answered my prayer and redeemed me. He has fought my battle for me and today, the whole of Africa has come to see the kind of person Nando is and that is enough judgement for me.

“Since my return, I have been praying to God to intervene and to restore my damaged image but in God’s own way, He vindicated me. Even before Nando was expelled, I was talked out by the organisers of Big Brother not to pursue any legal case against him and I wondered how I could clear my name and restore my damaged image but God had his own plans for me.

“That may have been Nando’s game plan to get me out as a strong contender but God who knows best did not put me to shame”.

Selly told Showbiz that even though she has not heard from Nando after being expelled, she was not ready to accept his apology if he ever rendered one.

“I will never forgive Nando for not only embarrassing me but my family, country and boyfriend who has suffered all the backlash and humiliations all this while. He has really caused harm to my reputation and what he did is just unpardonable”, she stated.

She described her relationship with Nando in the house as “being on good terms” and said that even though she “made out” with him, she made Nando understand they couldn’t go all the way and said “that was when his attitude changed towards me and I couldn’t tell if it was just sheer hatred he had for me.

“The most painful part of it is that, I didn’t have the opportunity to defend myself in the house because I didn’t hear anything like that until I was evicted and I got really hurt because I didn’t even know how my boyfriend’s reaction would be when I got back home but thankfully, he has been a strong pillar behind me” she stated.

Speaking on “life in the Big Brother House”, Selly said that though all the contestants were conscious of the cameras at the beginning, they later got used to the place and behaved normally as they would in their respective houses.

When asked the chances of Elikem in Big Brother house, Selly confessed that though she feared for Elikem’s survival at the beginning of the game following his engagements with some of the women in the house, she could confidently vouch that Elikem is one of the strongest contestants now and could win the 300, 000 US dollars prize at stake.

For now, Selly, real name Selorm Galley who is under the management of ARV Media told Showbiz she is ready to hit the movie industry by storm.

Even before her stint with Big Brother, she had had the opportunity to feature in some movies including African Child which featured some actors like Prince David Osei, Vivian Achor and Ecow Smith Asante. She also played role in Juliet Ibrahim’s yet to be released No 1 Fun.

BIG BROTHER AFRICA-The Chase Update: Week In Focus

Posted on 04 Aug 2013 at 11:58am

A lot has happened in the Big Brother house this week but let me be slightly bias by stating that this year’s highlights are on Ghana. It is definitely all about Ghana. More reason why I am vouching for Elikem to come home with that cash-charley. It’s about time we got it home too!

Screen diva Yvonne Nelson also passed through the house following Jackie Appiah’s visit to the Big Brother House just last week to help judge the movie making tasks, Big Brother took Yvonne Nelson into the house to spice up the game and excite the housemates. I just hope the house mates don’t get too star struck before they have a chance at being mega stars themselves.

Big brother also showed the much talked about Ghanaian movie-CHEATERS which features Elikem Kumodzie to housemates as they lounged.

To top up the Ghanaian hype, Dj Vision of Yfm shut the house down on Saturday night by treating housemates to fantastic Djing. He dropped Zambian chasemate Cleo’s hit song ‘Big Dreams’ and some of the hottest hip hop hits. The housemates enjoyed the party very much judging by their excitement. Now tell me it isn’t about Ghana!?

Watch the video of the freaky party below.

On the couples front, Feza and Oneal keep going strong as always, O’Neal made it obvious he truly loves Feza no matter what, and he told Bimp he hasn’t loved anyone in about 6 years. He said although he is a bad man, he has a good heart and he loves Feza.

Angelo put slight pressure on Beverly to quit smoking; looks like he does really care about her. The two however had a quarrel after the Channel O party as Angelo got moody and wouldn’t talk to Beverly no matter how much she insisted. But they later hugged before parting.

Elikem and Dillish also seem to be developing affection for each other but in the most playful way. Earlier in the evening on Saturday, Dillish walked up to Elikem with her wand in hand asking why he he broke her wand.

Pretending to be a distressed princess, Elikem tackled her on to the ground kissing her neck and falling over each other.  Then he run off screaming that he had tricked the princess and gotten her wand.

Dillish lay on the floor laughing and screaming for help. Very playful and sweet I say. I hope Pokello doesn’t get jealous at home because she has already announced to Africa how she is in touch with Elikem’s family (she calls them her in-laws) and is planning a visit to Ghana when he comes home.

Elikem also seems to be bonding with Nigerian housemate Melvin over video games and soccer.

Bimp, Feza and Oneal are up for possible eviction later today. Let’s see who goes home at the live eviction show tonight.

BIG BROTHER AFRICA:The Chase Update-Bassey and Pokello Go Home!

Posted on 21 Jul 2013 at 8:09pm

We all knew eviction was coming but we didn’t know it would crush the sweet love bubble of Elikem and Pokello!

Well, Pokello and Bassey are the latest chasers to get kicked off the game!

Big Brother gave us a little throwback on life after Big Brother for Selly. We Ghanaians already know how that is going.

Bassey was shocked when he was called to pack his bags because he did not even know he was up for eviction. We saw him get replaced by head of house right?

This replacement thing is such a bummer! Just kicks people off unsuspectingly and usually those who get replaced always end up being the ones with the lowest votes. Sad!

This is one eviction that shocked them badly. Everyone seems to love Bassey, and Pokello was the first to hug him good bye while others got emotional. Little did she know she was next out!

Pokello didn’t take her eviction well either, seemed a bit bitter. And felt unfairly evicted, anyway, on to the next week chasers!

So bye bye to Pokello and Bassey! All the best with life after Big Brother…

Below is how Africa voted;

Angola: Angelo Botswana: Angelo Ghana: Pokello Kenya: Annabel Ethiopia: Dillish Malawi: Dillish Namibia: Dillish Nigeria: Bassey South Africa: Angelo Sierra Leone: Bassey Tanzania: Annabel Uganda: Annabel Zambia: Angelo Zimbabwe: Pokello Rest of Africa: Angelo

Total: Angelo = 5; Annabel = 3; Dillish = 3, Pokello = 2, Basssey = 2. (Total: 15 Votes)

BIG BROTHER AFRICA: The Chase-This Week in Focus

Posted on 21 Jul 2013 at 11:09am

People have various theories about the Big Brother Africa reality show.

But honestly, did we expect a church program or a reality show that exalts out religious principles?

Nopes. Fact is, it is a business and who gives away such a whooping amount without getting anything in return? They have got to do what they have got to do.

My best moments always occur when someone is getting naughty and Biggies voice suddenly booms through “This is Big Brother…!” Hahaha!

Anyway, if you missed out on the week’s happenings, this is how it went down!

The housemates were totally thrown of with the shock of both losing their circus wager. Biggie did not compromise on the standard at all and was not impressed with any of their performances. Both Rubies and Diamonds had nothing to smile about on that.

Beverly and Angelo continued their steamy and very physical affair with a rendezvous date that saw more love between the two as they affirmed their love for each other verbally! Yes, Beverly and Angelo have said their I love you and succumbed to becoming a couple.

The two houses have indeed been merged and the fake emeralds are more raucous than a raccoon’s nest! They have taken their role in the game very personal and have succeeded in making the other housemates believe they are for real and are in for the cash too!

A few housemates are not too excited about that idea but it is one big crazy house and Sullu happened to have the task of heading the crazy 19 chasers as I like to call them.

Tonight as we ponder over eviction, who do you think will go home?

Angello, Pokello, Bassey, Dillish or Annabel? You tell me!

PS: when is Praye proposing to Selly? I have a pretty dress for that occasion and I want to know so I can start giving them ideas for the wedding theme 😉


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