Nadia Buari Takes On RED Hair

Nadia Buari Red HairGradually, Nadia Buari is learning to come out of her comfort zone by trying new things—especially when it comes to style.

From having been accused of stealing various Beyonce’ hair styles to coming out with her own tweaks, the Ghanaian screen star continues to look for that perfect image.

In a new photo the actress shared, she can confidently been seen trying on RED, something other Ghanaian-celebrities like Juliet Ibrahim, Nikki Samonas and others have failed to get it right.

Though the African movie industry has seen less of Nadia Buari in the last few months (her last major movie being Heroes and Zeros), the alleged mother of one continues to push for media attention with tweets and event appearances—keeping her relevance intact.

In the last few weeks, Nadia Buari has had several news mentions as a result of her stunt public appearances with Nigerian actor-Jim Iyke.

While some fans believe the two are sharing a bed, sources close to Nadia Buari has told GhanaCelebrities.Com the star is just a good friend of Jim.

Jim Iyke’s image maker, Mitch Ngaman has also come out to state that Jim Iyke and Nadia are just good buddies and nothing more.

He is reported to have said Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke “share a lot of personal and emotional stuffs together, they are close but as at this moment, romance is out of the equation.”

Nadia Buari Holding Hands With Jim At 2Face’s Wedding In Dubai
Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke At Jim's Premiere Of His Reality TV Show
Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke At Jim’s Premiere Of His Reality TV Show



Nadia Buari Red Hair


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15 thoughts on “Nadia Buari Takes On RED Hair”

  1. SERIOUSLLY nadia stick to Beyonce’s image of style ,
    With this type of hair NOO ,Juliet tried and she isvnow working with power rangers …

    • @27cдгibre(Ф_ф), hehehe! She’s working with the power rangers! Lol. Boy you are killing me with your

    • If it’s not Bobby Obodo, it is  Jim iye. When they Nigerian actresses are busy getting married, the Ghanaian actresses are busy offering them selves to nigerian guys for free. They will use them and dump them. You will rather date a Nigerian than a Ghanaian, how shameful. All these Ghanaianactresses should go to school and learn from the Niger actresses how they get married with their men? Look at stephanie okereke’s wedding. just awesome. And so many other weddings Niger girls prove there are women enough! I’m proud of them.

  2. OK, Nadia looks great in any style she tries on….but seriously is the negative write-up necessary…come-on, if you can write anything positive about her, just leave it to the critics…why would she push for media attention when u guys are the ones going to her page to copy her pix…pls STOP IT already…

  3. its jackie who is sharing and warming bobby obodo’s bed, i wonder why gc has not written about them like they do to NADIA and YVONNE .

  4. Go girl, GC can only hate. Maybe he fancy you and wish his girlfriend is more like you.
    I don’t blame him, you are beautiful and attractive than his girlfriend so what else can he do other than to hate on you.

    Beauty see beauty and we all know who is cute. Haters will always hate. Just do you and be happy with yourself.


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