Nadia Buari or Nikki Simonas – Jim Iyke Names Ghanaian Actress Who Gave Him A B#ner On Set – Video


Jim Iyke has shared an embarrassing moment in his life as an actor. According to the Nigerian actor, he could not control his libido during one steamy movie scene with a beautiful Ghanaian actress and that got his manhood rock hard. Jim Iyke said he looked stupid and embarrassed on the movie set as his … Read more

Mama Buari MUST Step in to Protect Nadia Buari from SCAMS

Nadia Buari1
Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari has had her own share of men and by this I mean some pretty bad stories are out there about her love affairs with Michael Essien, Fally Ipupa, Dede Ayew and now the most scandalous is Jim Iyke.

It seems Nadia Buari is a weak woman when it comes to her dealings with men. To people like me, I just don’t understand what she wanted or was doing with Jim Iyke in the first place. I am not shocked about the break up and the emails that have emerged about how Jim Iyke is a fraud, played Nadia Buari and also being a thief.

I am actually not a big fan of Nadia Buari but I will stand up for her against any man will take the piss out of her as a woman, especially if it is coming from someone like Jim Iyke.

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I think Nadia Buari has lost control when it comes to men, considering how she even made a decision to date Jim Iyke who we all know is not worth any piece of her. I therefore think Nadia Buari’s mother who she claims to love so much must step in to protect Nadia Buari from some of these men.

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I Own Nadia Buari’s BOOTY, Jim Iyke Makes A Statement!

A photo of Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke which has surfaced online shows the Nollywood star making a firm grab of Nadia’s BOOTY—a clear indication that dude owns that BOOTY and beyond. Interestingly, Nadia Buari has never been opened and ‘naughty’ in photos like this with her previous men so we are free to think, … Read more

Jim Iyke Gets Into A Fight In Accra & Wanted To Pull A GUN?

Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke
Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke

For whatever reason, Jim Iyke’s level of arrogance does not seem to measure up to his intelligence—both academically and in life. It doesn’t hurt a lot of people when someone is arrogant, because such a person can be easily avoided, so he can be allowed to live in his own little world of delusion where death can never come to fetch him.

But if the arrogance gets out of hand and become physical or probably deadly, then we can jump to talk about it.

According the Ghanaian Times’ report below, Jim Iyke got into a fight in Accra where he has visiting for some time (because of Nadia Buari) and he nearly pulled out a GUN—probably to scare his opponent or to arrogantly fire it….

Maybe he thought he was Chris Brown!


According to The Ghanaian Times;

Nigerian movie star Jim Iyke was involved in a brawl yesterday, at the Crave Café at Adjiringanor, East legon in Accra.

According to an eyewitness account, some people were eating at the café, at about 5pm when a stout-looking gentleman in a black Range Rover with a Nigerian number plate, came to the café.

Jim Iyke also arrived about 20 minutes later in his Sports Chevy with a Nigerian number plate, and engaged the man in a heated argument over $10,000 which later turned into a nasty brawl on the street.

The eyewitness further explained that it became difficult for those around to separate the two, and at a point, Jim Iyke wanted to get into his car to pull out something which was suspected to be a gun, but he was prevented by those at the café.

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THINGS FALL APART? Nadia Buari DELETES All Jim Iyke Photos & Jim Iyke Says Marriage Rumour Is Far Fetched

  Nadia Buari and Jim Iyke will perfectly be Africa’s version of Rihanna and Chris Brown—so much relationship drama that no one can keep up with them. Few hours after we published an article yesterday which stated that;  rumour has that Jim Iyke has come out to say he intends to marry Nadia Buari because … Read more

WE HAVE TO ASK: Nadia Buari And Jim Iyke Plan December Wedding?

Jim Iyke is taking his new Holy Ghost status very seriously. Although he insists he wasn’t delivered of witchcraft, he accepts that he has experienced a truly higher level of living and has started signing of tweets with ‘Bless you’ This means we will probably not be hearing of any bad deeds from his end … Read more

Nadia Buari Takes On RED Hair

Gradually, Nadia Buari is learning to come out of her comfort zone by trying new things—especially when it comes to style. From having been accused of stealing various Beyonce’ hair styles to coming out with her own tweaks, the Ghanaian screen star continues to look for that perfect image. In a new photo the actress … Read more

Celebrity TwitPics Of The Week: Nadia Buari & Jim Iyke, Yvonne Nelson, Jackie Appiah & Others

The week has ended with interesting twitpics from various Ghanaian Celebrities. As we do each week, below are our favorite celebrity-self shared photos… I guess Nadia Buari is still working hard to CONFUSE fans. Remember what we said; they are not dating! Check out the photos below…  

And The Publicity Stunt Continues…Nadia Buari & Jim Iyke Spotted At The Premiere Of Jim Iyke’s Reality Show-Unscripted

Apart from the fact that our sources close to Nadia Buari has confirmed that girlfriend is not knocking boots with Jim Iyke, our experience in celebrity lifestyle points us to publicity stunt as the reason for their many recent outings… As we reported few weeks ago, there is no way Nadia Buari will be warming … Read more

Is Nadia Buari Dating Jim Iyke? HELL NO

For some time now, I have been receiving comments and suggestions from you guys that Nadia Buari is chopping down Jim Iyke and most of these rumors are founded on their recent public outings… Come on guys, are you trying to tell me you still do not know Nadia Buari that well? What would she … Read more