Rapper-Itz Tiffany is a Goddam LIAR Who Has to Learn to Take RESPONSIBILITY

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I’ve realized some of you totally disagree with my previous article despite having explained in 6 points “Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & More”. There is obviously one thing going on here—it is either those who disagree read the article with their eyes closed or have no understanding of the case I made as a result of whatever dirty business they’ve taken part in private.

It’s time we women stop playing the victim card all the time—and start taking some amount of responsibility for our actions and omissions.

First of all, let me clear the way by pointing out why Itz Tiffany is a goddam liar and for once, she successfully fooled most Ghanaians—but this time, some of us will punch holes in her injudicious excuses and compel her to take responsibility for her actions.

When Itz Tiffany’s n*ked photos leaked some few years ago, this hell of a celebrity came to tell us that her phone was stolen by some robbers who leaked those private photos she took for her HUSBAND and baby father-Frank Whyte Gambrah.

It’s only thick headed Ghanaians who will believe this out of place story. Which sort of acute mentally constipated robber will have time to go into the mobile phone of a person he has robbed—and start sending or distributing the person’s n*ked photos on whatsapp?

Every robber wants to cover his tracks and will run as far as possible from every evidence that will tie him to the crime. Even Ali Baba will not do that…

At best, a robber will take off the sim card, and reset the phone or just sell it. Because we felt sorry for Itz Tiffany, even though her excuse was pretty lame we just bought into it and became part of her delicious chicken head soup.

Today, Frank Whyte Gambrah has come in an interview with Neat Fm to say, he has never married Itz Tiffany—and therefore, at the time of the leaked n*ked photos and now, Tiffany has been lying to us that this man is her husband or ex-husband.

If Itz Tiffany cannot even be truthful about the status of her relationship with this man or the sort of relationship they had, what else is she lying to all of us about? Certainly she is not telling us the truth in a lot of areas…

Now that we’ve all come to a consensus that Itz Tiffany is a liar—or lied to us during the first scandal and she is still lying to us through this new leak, let me take you on a journey and show you why I think she is trying so hard not to take responsibility for her own imprudent actions.

In the statement Itz Tiffany released, she said; “Three videos of mine were circulated by my estranged ex-husband. Regrettably, a third video of extremely explicit nature has also been attributed to me when I had absolutely nothing to with the video. I would like to state without equivocation that I am not the lady in that particular video”.

What does this girl take some of us for? Instead of apologising and shutting up, she says despite the 3 videos having been leaked the same day—having heard the voices in them all and having seen her body (stomach) in the explicit one, that particular video is not her.

And she expects people to believe this because everyone is stupid and she is the smartest.

She goes on in the statement to say “The only thing wrong was to trust a man I thought I loved and married. I thoroughly understand why he would want to hurt me even if I disagree with his methods. I have been involved in a long and bitter battle of custody of my son with my ex-husband for several years after our 7-year-old relationship broke down irretrievably. We had been married for four years – a period when I suffered untold abuses from him”.

Once again, she said they were married for 4 years—and she keeps calling this man her husband and ex-husband. The man has come out to deny that they were ever married and I reasonably believe he is telling the truth on this—and Itz Tiffany is lying. They were never married.

Can we see the marriage certificate, the divorce certificate or at least some photos from their marriage ceremony? She is definitely lying…

This is what I believe clearly shows that Itz Tiffany needs a therapy and has to understand that in life, you have to take responsibility for your actions even if it is as bad as being in a seks tape.

Just as I pointed out in my previous article; what Itz Tiffany was doing in one of the videos (dragging her butt on the floor and performing all manner of rituals) is not acceptable—yet she finds nothing wrong with that and does not even apologise to Ghanaians in her released statement.

In her statement, she stated “All I ask is your prayers and your understanding as I deal with this unfortunate episode. I plead with you to, for the sake of humanity, stop sharing the videos. That is the best you can do for me. I pray that the good Lord will forgive him for his ungodly ways. I also beg for privacy in these difficult moments of my life”.

God should forgive him for his ungodly ways? What about you? What about your ungodly ways of being some sort of a ritualist or entertaining such a conduct against God’s ways? What about your ungodly way of sleeping with a man you are not married to and even proceeding to record the actions?

Is that not equally ungodly?

It’s obvious this girl is deluded and once again, most Ghanaians will not tell her the truth so she will not understand the concept of accepting responsibility when things goes wrong in her life. It starts with recognising that what you did is unacceptable and it cuts through to apologizing for your actions.

Her written statement does not capture anything as such—and evidently, there is no sign of remorse. For me, I think she should shut the hell up…

You can read her full statement from here…

You can listen to Frank Whyte Gambrah speak below…



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