Court Documents Obtained Shows That Itz Tiffany & Frank Gambrah Were Indeed Married

When rapper-Itz Tiffany’s seks videos leaked, she said in an interview the next day and in a follow-up press release that she recorded the leaked video with her EX-HUSBAND-Frank ‘Whyte’ Gambrah who is also her baby’s father. Frank Gambrah in a seperate interveiw on Neat Fm caleld Itz Tiffany a big liar—by saying, they were … Read more

Rapper-Itz Tiffany is a Goddam LIAR Who Has to Learn to Take RESPONSIBILITY

Itz Tiffany
Itz Tiffany

I’ve realized some of you totally disagree with my previous article despite having explained in 6 points “Why Itz Tiffany Deserves Everything & More”. There is obviously one thing going on here—it is either those who disagree read the article with their eyes closed or have no understanding of the case I made as a result of whatever dirty business they’ve taken part in private.

It’s time we women stop playing the victim card all the time—and start taking some amount of responsibility for our actions and omissions.

First of all, let me clear the way by pointing out why Itz Tiffany is a goddam liar and for once, she successfully fooled most Ghanaians—but this time, some of us will punch holes in her injudicious excuses and compel her to take responsibility for her actions.

When Itz Tiffany’s n*ked photos leaked some few years ago, this hell of a celebrity came to tell us that her phone was stolen by some robbers who leaked those private photos she took for her HUSBAND and baby father-Frank Whyte Gambrah.

It’s only thick headed Ghanaians who will believe this out of place story. Which sort of acute mentally constipated robber will have time to go into the mobile phone of a person he has robbed—and start sending or distributing the person’s n*ked photos on whatsapp?

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Frank ‘Whyte’ Gambrah Says He Didn’t Leak Tiffany’s S*xtapes + He says He’s Not a Violent Person & Has Never Been Married to Itz Tiffany

Itz Tiffany and Franl Gambrah
Itz Tiffany and Franl Gambrah

The most talked about seks tape on the lips of Ghanaians (which has apparently saved Ama Boahemaa from further disgrace) is the one involving Ghanaian female rapper – Itz Tiffany – and his former lover, Frank Kwame Gambrah.

Soon after the s*x tape was leaked, Itz Tiffany threatened to take legal action against his supposed ex-husband and baby’s daddy for leaking something that was private between the two of them.

Conversely, Frank Kwame Gambrah has denied leaking the seks tape into the public domain. Speaking on Accra-based Neat FM this morning, Frank Gambrah (popularly known as Frank Whyte), said he has no idea who leaked the seks tape.

According to him, he recorded the act between Itz Tiffany and himself. However, the phone he used in recording the video got lost before travelling back to the United Kingdom.

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The Ex-Boyfriend & Baby Daddy of Itz Tiffany Who LEAKED the Seks Tapes is Frank Kwame Gambrah Aka Frank Whyte | the Guy Who Allegedly Murdered His Friend at Aphrodisiac Night Club in 2007 in Accra With Multiple UK Convictions…

Frank Gambrah
Frank Gambrah

Three leaked seks tapes of Ghanaian rapper-Itz Tiffany (realname Tiffany Owsus) have been making rounds and since GhanaCelebrities.Com broke the story last night, it’s become the talk of social media.

Initially, we were given the name of the man who recorded the video with Tiffany (in the video) and also alleged to have leaked it as Frank Whyte, the ex boyfriend and baby father of the rapper—and after digging into things, it’s come to light that the real name of Frank Whyte is Frank Kwame Gambrah.

Frank Kwame Gambrah per a court document obtained which you can read below fled Ghana to the United Kingdom soon after shooting his friend-Darren Danso at the car park of the Aphrodisiac Night Club in August 2007.

After running to the UK for 2 years, he later returned to Ghana and he was arrested when he was going through arrival formalities at the Kotoka International Airport.

Both Darren and Frank were at the time reported to be British-born Ghanaians who resided in London and were in Ghana for holidays when the murdering took place.

The detail of the case is pretty long. While Gambrah was hiding in the UK, the Ghanaian government requested for extradiction to have him brought to Ghana for trail  but relying on insanity and article 2, 3, and 6 of the European Covention on Human Rights, Frank’s lawyers argued against the extradition—saying, if extradited his Convention rights would be breached.

The case went as far as to the UK’s High Court. And rapper Itz Tiffany (real name Tiffany Owusu) was mentioned in the legal document as the girlfriend of Frank Gambrah—and also, as part of Gambrah’s defence witness…

Frank and Tiffany1


The Death Penalty Blog wrote on the case, since Frank Gambrah was facing Dealth Penalty in Ghana if he was found guilty of the murder charges…

“Lord Justice Moses, sitting in the High Court in London, has ruled that the extradition of a mentally ill 34 year-old British father would breach his rights under Article 3 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which prohibits inhuman and degrading treatment, regardless of whether a moratorium is in place or not. Frank Gambrah, who spent over two years in prison awaiting the outcome of the extradition proceedings, was granted immediate release on 16 May 2014, when the judgment was handed down.

In August 2007, Mr. Gambrah, a British national, was accused of a murder outside a nightclub in Ghana’s capital Accra.  Unaware of the charges against him, Mr. Gambrah returned to the UK later in the year and was only arrested in 2009, when he arrived at Kotoka International Airport to visit his son, who was unwell. He was released on bail in February 2010 and returned to the UK.  In February 2012, five years after the murder took place, the Ghanaian Government requested the UK Government extradite Mr. Gambrah to Ghana to face trial for the alleged offence.

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