VIDEO: Wisa is Recording An Apology Song Instead of Looking for Lawyers

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Wisa Greid
Wisa Greid

Perhaps Wisa does not fully understand the magnitude of his crime against the state of Ghana and therefore instead of looking for some good lawyers, he has hit the studio to record an apology song—as if you can break the laws of any country and then a mere apology will set you free.

A video that was posted on facebook not long ago shows the rising musician who pulled out his manhood on stage, in front of several thousands of people at the Citi Fm’s Decemba2Rememba concert in a studio—recording an apology song for Ghanaians.

Of course it’s good that he says he is sorry but that should not exonerate him from the criminal liability of his actions—at best, it should mitigate it by reducing whatever sentence he is due to receive.

Following his insane act, Wisa was invited by the police over the weekend and he will report to the police station today-Monday: we will know if the police will charge him and what the charges will be.

Wisa’s pullout of his manhood has been commended by several people with the Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com-Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri calling it “revoltingly insane, gross, unacceptable and perhaps the most disturbing stage disorder we’ve seen in Ghana.”

GhanaCelebrities.Com’s contributor-Akosua Abebrese in an article titled “A Young Woman Was Openly Violated S*xually By Wisa Greid & No One Gives A Hoot” said: What Wisa did is criminal, meaning, if he was up there on the stage alone and pulled his manhood out—he would still have committed the crime of indecent exposure.

Now, with a woman in the picture—and from what the footage shows, there is a new layer to his crime; s*xual assault and yet, no one is talking about this.”

Check out the video below…

Wisa recording an apology song 'I'm sorry" ?? #cypressghana #Ghana #Africa

Posted by Cypress Ghana on Sunday, 27 December 2015

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  1. Clueless fcking reporters? Have they finished arresting those corrupt politicians chopping billions of our money? Have they arrested so called Christian stealing in the name of God? Leave this man alone. Why do most Ghanaians lack common sense? You call for this young brainless wisa to get arrested while woyome and Co are still living off tax payers money… this young man should be fined and nothing more. Clueless reporter he doesn’t need a lawyer. Oh Ghana when will we wake up? A young man pulls out his penis and everybody is going insane meanwhile politicians steal your money and everybody remain silent..what a country!