Frustrated Leila Djansi Goes 'Mad', Threatens To Fight And Spray Pepper In The Eyes Of A Fan Who Pointed Out Her Ignorance

Leila Djansi
Leila Djansi

In Ghana, a lot of ignorance hangs on the neck of many including the highly educated, not leaving the uneducated from the basket of stupidity. Mostly the people you deem educated are the ones that exhibit high levels of folly and you are just left with no option than to conclude that they are on hard drugs.
Mostly, these educated illiterates parade themselves on social media as gods, you dare not have a different opinion on their posts or have an intelligent discourse on topics like politics, religion and other thought-provoking subjects.

This is the case of Ghanaian-US based film producer Leila Djansi, Leila, for the record, you do not have shares in Facebook and people are free to have opposing opinions of whatever you share on your page, likewise you too. As it is often said, “opinions are like noses”, and every individual has one either opposing or in support.
People thought Chris-Vincent, the Founding Editor of was too mean when he tried to place Leila at the right corner where she belongs in the wake and heat of Christabel Ekeh‘s leaked nude pictures. Most Ghanaians who thought women should not be told the hard truth even if they were wrong ignorantly jumped on the bandwagon of insults in defence of Leila.

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The same Leila whom Ghanaians defended a few months ago on the grounds of womanhood or being a woman on her banter with Chris is the same woman who has threatened to fight and spray pepper in the eyes of a man for having an opposing opinion on a post she made on Facebook.
This is what ensued between Leila and one Joseph Oppong Brenyah who is believed to be a fan of the film producer. Leila posted on her Facebook page indicating her full support for the EC boss, madam Charlotte Osei and stated that the 2016 election results should be nullified if the State has issues with her.
Joseph Oppong Brenyah trying to school Leila on how the constitution operates, got Leila infuriated and started insulting and threatening the gentleman by saying; “I will beat you to a pulp, pepper spray your stupid face and then use my taser. So come prepared, I dare you”.

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If a woman who claims to be intelligent and smart movie producer can go this long way of descending into the ‘dirty gutters’ of Ghana with a man who shared a different opinion on her post, then that should tell you the kind of human being she is made of.
Oppong feeling intimidated by Leila, also wrote; “I’m not just a man. I’m the head of ICT and Media Relations at National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Plan-NEIP”.
Leila Djansi even went to the length to arrange a fight between herself and Oppong at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra, when she finally lands in Ghana from the US.


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