GC EXCLUSIVE: Nana Tornado Apologizes to Afia Schwarzenegger + Says Delay is A Braggart With Nothing, A Liar, the Biggest Gossip & Backstabber in Ghana Who Lives in A Rented House But Claims ‘Big Woman Things’ + Always Seeking White Men Because She Wants to Have Mixed Race Children + MORE (AUDIO)


Tornado and Delay

Nana Tornado, real name Emil Nana Wood of Delay’s Afia Schwarzenegger TV Series fame has granted an explosive interview to GhanaCelebrities.Com—exposing Deloris Frimpong-Manso.
Nana Tornado and Delay fell out since September 2016 and Tornado had been minding his business—until Delay took to Instagram a few days ago to say she picks people like Tornado from the gutters and make them stars.
Speaking to the Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com, Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Nana Tornado who tore into Delay and painted what he says is the real picture of Delay revealed how appalling the loud mouth TV presenter has for the 6 years been treating him despite his unflinching loyalty.

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What’s Up Africa’s Host-Ikenna Azuike Talks About Shooting in Ghana, Why He Quit from Being A Lawyer to Become A Satirist, the Future of What's Up Africa & MORE


Season 4 of What’s Up Africa, a satire series co-produced by BBC and RNW Media has come to an end—and as we wait for where Season 5 will take us as well as the issues that will be tackled, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the host-Ikenna Azuike for an exclusive interview. Ikenna Azuike in the interview shared … Read more

VIDEO: Kafui Danku and Roselyn Ngissah Talk About ‘ I Do’ to Be Premiered Tonight-March 6, Why You Should Watch the Movie & MORE

Roselyn Ngissah and Kafui Danku
Roselyn Ngissah and Kafui Danku

Ahead of today Friday-6th March, 2015’s premiere of Kafui Danku’s latest movie ‘I Do’ in Accra, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the actress/producer alongside actress-Roselyn Ngissah for an interview…

The two actresses talked to us about their roles in the ‘I Do’,  the impact the film will make and also displaced social media concerns that looking at the trailer and poster, the movie revolves around immorality.

Talking about the romantic comedy, Kafui Danku promised fans they will get their monies worth and even more should they come out on Friday to watch the movie. The actress who also produced the movie talked about the ‘uniqueness’ of the movie.

‘I Do’ features Van Vicker, Nana Ama McBrown, Kafui Danku, Jasmine Baroudi, Elikem Kumodzi, Roselyn Ngissah, Mawuli Gavor and others…

 Watch the interview below…


Written and directed by Kobby Rana, ‘I Do’ tells an intriguing story of love and all the complexities that come with it. Four couples have less than 24 hours to make or break up what they just started. Who will pass the test of time?

The more we try to understand, the more unpredictable it becomes. A honeymoon that tastes more complicated than honey. Are they ready for an intriguing marriage or a perfect wedding only?

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Meet Female Graphic Designer/Photographer Turned Queen Mother- Nana Ama Kukudam I

Nana Ama Kukudam I
Nana Ama Kukudam I

Discovering people who are impacting positively and celebrating them is one credo Ghanacelebrities.Com pride ourselves with.

Through our research, we fortunately chanced on one humane and kind hearted African-American lady by name Nana Ama Kukudam I who was trained as a Graphic Designer and Photographer but has turned Nkosuo Hemaa – – helping a community in Ghana.

We decided to talk to her about how she became Nkosuo Hemaa in Ghana, considering the fact that she was not born in Ghana even… give us a brief background of yourself.

Nana Ama: My real name is Joy Lee Tyrice Lillian Mary Inez Williams but Joy Williams for short. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised between Baltimore and New York. I went to a Catholic elementary school and finished that in 1989. From there I attended the Baltimore School for the Arts where I majored in Visual arts and completed in 1997.

I followed up to the University of Maryland, Baltimore County where I majored in BA Graphic Design and Photography and completed in 2002. A few years later, I completed my MBA in General Management at the Metropolitan College of New York in Manhattan in 2008.

On work experience, I’ve previously worked for the NYC Department of Education’s Office of Teacher Recruitment as part of a team of people who recruited teachers for all 5 boroughs of NYC. I was there for almost a decade before leaving to focus on my business and my Queen mother assignment.

Nana Ama Kukudam
Nana Ama Kukudam I What kind of family were you born into and how was growing up like?

Nana Ama: I was born into a middle class home but my father left my mother, me and my younger sister when I was 5. At that time my mother struggled to raise us on her own. I was partially raised in the projects. But I went to the very best schools and loved very richly. Since you were not born here, how did the people of Ajumako Eshiem discover you and enthroned you as a Queen mother?

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VIDEO: From Being a Fraudster to Having Snatched Someone’s Husband, Zynnell Zuh Talks About Some of the Things People Say About Her + Today’s Big ‘WHEN LOVE COMES AROUND’ Celebrity PopCorn Sale

Zynnell Zuh
Zynnell Zuh

After successfully premiering her self-produced movie – ‘When Love Comes Around’ which won two awards at the just ended Ghana Movie Awards, actress Zynnel Zuh is back with an initiative dubbed ‘Celebrity Popcorn Sale.’

On the 10th and 11th of January, 2015 (that is today and tomorrow), Zynnell will be joined by a tall list of Ghanaian celebrities like Adjetey Anang, Tiny, Lydia Forson, Micky Osei Berko, Edward Kuffour, Roselyn Ngissah, etc. to vend popcorn at the Silverbird Cinemas (Accra Mall and West Hills Mall) while taking pictures and interacting with their fans. Her movie, ‘When Love Comes Around’ will simultaneously be screened at the cinema halls for all those who missed out on the day of premiere.

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Zynnell this morning for a brief chat. In the interview, she talked about the current state of the Ghanaian movie industry as well as what inspired her to self-produce her own movies.

When asked about the most ridiculous thing she has ever heard or read about herself, Zynnell had an interesting answer to share – something that you probably would not think of.

Take a seat, relax, and watch the interview below…

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Meet Makose: The Musician & Flutist Showcasing African Culture through Music


Makose ( real name Eric Mensah) is recognized as one of the very few creative upcoming artistes who define indigenous African music to its core.

Makose combines the art of playing musical instruments with his song writing ability to make his brand complete. As an emerging artiste, he takes inspiration from Nigerian instrumentalist and musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, determined to help combat European cultural imperialism and promote Ghanaian/African culture through his songs.

If one has not listened to Makose’s songs before, his choice of outfits alone will draw attention to nothing but one – a promoter of Ghanaian/African products. It’s therefore not too surprising that he is doing music that focuses on upholding African culture – something many youths of his age wouldn’t consider doing.


His name Makose, which means mistake in Swahili, is a well-chosen name for what he truly stands for. According to him, he chose Makose (mistake) because he thinks Ghanaians/Africans have made a huge mistake by embracing the white man’s culture and neglecting what belongs to them (Ghanaians/Africans).

Makose, who is currently working on his upcoming debut album (scheduled to be launched in March 2015), has put out one video already titled ‘Fine Fine Woman.’ In the video, he talks about a young African woman who sleeps around with different men and its outcome, employing an African setting to depict the story.

Some of the songs on his forthcoming album include ‘Tears of Africa’, ‘My Woman’, ‘Ankwanoma’, and ‘Im Ready.

Few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Makosa for a chit-chat. In the interview, he talked about his unending struggles in a bid to get his songs heard. Interestingly, he disclosed that he would have been a baker if he wasn’t doing music.

Currently, Makose is signed on to SM Mensah Entertainment. For bookings, you can contact his manager on 0244238500.

Check out the video interview with Makosa below…


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VIDEO: Juliet Ibrahim Talks About Shattered Romance, the State of Her RELATIONSHIP With America R&B Artiste-Bobby V, Being a Movie Producer & MORE…

Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim

Ahead of the premiere of Juliet Ibrahim’s 2nd self-produced movie-Shattered Romance which will take place on 5th December, 2014 at the SilverBird Cinemas (Weija, West Hills Mall & Accra Mall), GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the actress/movie producer to talk about the film, her relationship with US R&B artiste-Bobby V, her accomplishments of the year and more…

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com in Accra, Juliet Ibrahim proudly said, she has achieved all that she wanted to achieve this year—and next year, she has a lot more in the pipeline for us.

When we asked her about the state of her relationship with Bobby V, she had an interesting answer for us—not what we expected though!

Shattered Romance‘ is director by Eddie Nartey and it features James Gardiner, veteran actor-Fred Amugi, Pauline Oduro, Pascaline Edwards, Juliet Ibrahim, Sonia Ibrahim and others…

Check out the interview below…

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VIDEO: Meet Stefanie Larmie | the British-Ghanaian Rising Musician Defining ‘Afro-Coustic’ Music

Stefanie Larmie
Stefanie Larmie

Currently, she may be perfectly defined as an Acoustic Soul Songstress but Stefanie Larmie has a bigger dream of merging Neo Soul and R&B with the trending Afro music—intending to create and define what she calls ‘Afro-Coustic’ music…

Born in Accra and raised in London, Stefanie Larmie grew up on music, shaping her beautiful voice as she drew influences from Brandy, Aaliyah, Usher and the many R&B musicians who created a generation of R&B lovers in the 90s.

Stefanie Larmie
Stefanie Larmie

Over the weekend in London, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught with Stefenie who is currently promoting her debut must listen to single- Walking On My Own, a song sandwiched between emotions and inspiration…

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com, Stefanie talked about the challenges she had to overcome, her professional philosophy, her source of inspiration as a musician and others…

Stefanie’s ‘Walking On My Own’ was produced and written by award-winning Ghanaian musician and producer-Richie Mensah.

 Check out the interview below…


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VIDEO: Salma Mumin Talks About Her Role in HAPPY DEATHDAY, Why She Has Been Missing on Our Screens & MORE

Salma Mumin
Salma Mumin

Kafui Danku’s latest movie-HAPPY DEATHDAY will be premiered tonight at the SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall & Weija (6:20pm and 9:20 pm)—and before the showing, a special photo session will be held to give fans the opportunity to pose with the movie stars for pictures.

GhanaCelebrities.Com met with one of the casts of the movie-Salma Mumin to tell us about her role, why people should come out to watch the movie, her disappearance from the Ghanaian movie scene & more..

Check out the interview below…

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VIDEO: Kafui Danku Talks About the Age Gap Between Her Husband & Herself, Her New Movie-Happy Death Day, Seks Tapes & More…

Kafui Danku and husband
Kafui Danku and husband

Ahead of tomorrow’s premiere of Kafui Danku’s new movie-Happy Deathday, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the actress cum producer to talk about the movie—and we stole that opportunity to dig into her private life.

According to Kafui Danku, Happy Deathday which will be premiered on Friday-14th November, 2014 at the SilverBird Cinemas (Accra Mall & Weija) is a must watch movie, because the storyline is not like anything we’ve seen before…

When asked if she is not worried about the huge age gap between herself and her husband, she had an interesting answer for us…

Watch the interview below…

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HOT SHOTS: Actress Nuong Faalong Releases New Promo Photos + Talks About Her Next Films

Actress Nuong Faalong (6)
Actress Nuong Faalong

We’ve had long talks about branding among Ghanaian celebrities many times—if there is one young actress out there who understands branding, it must be Nuong Faalong. And that’s why GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with her to throw more light on her journey so far as an actress.

She also had some new pictures to share—and I am finding it hard to choose my favourite out of them. So gorgeous, all covered up and still totally breathtaking. Keep reading!

GC: Who is Nuong?

“Nuong is every woman. Haha! But everything you see is 20% . The major deal goes on beyond what you see and that’s how it should be. I am myself completely and I am every woman when the need arises”

GC: Where exactly are you from and where did you school?

“I am Dagarti and I studied at Aburi Girls’ and then in Legon”

GC: We are aware youou are one of the UNAIDS young ambassadors, how do you blend that with acting?

“That’s easy. Everyone has a heart and that heart must be put to use to feel and reach out to people who need you. The typical actress is empathetic and that gives her an extra big heart. We exist to reach out and make the world better. I have an anti-hiv campaign that has been going on for a while with great response. The message is simple, use protection! And that’s how UNAIDS recruited me. When I have the least break, I try to propagate that message”

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One of the Greatest MINDS at Sparrow Productions | Ken Attoh Talks About the Magic Behind Sparrow Productions’ Success, the Future, His Relationship With Shirley Frimpong Manso, Problems Facing Film Making in Ghana And SO MUCH MORE!

Ken Attoh

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with Ken Attoh, one of the greatest minds at Sparrow Productions—-the multiple award-winning production house which has brought us ‘Life and Living It’, ‘ The Perfect Picture’, ‘Scorned’ , A Sting in a Tale’, ‘CheckMate’, ‘Adams Apples’, ‘Potomanto’, ‘Devil in the Detail’ and others to talk about their unique success story…

Ken Attoh who is the Creative Director at Sparrow Productions, has been the Director of Cinematography for all their great movies and MORE spoke to us about the future of Sparrow Productions, the direction and focus of their VOD platform-SparrowStation.Com and some of the main problems facing film-makers in our part of the world.

We tried our luck by throwing in personal questions and ‘hurray’ we got an answer. We framed the question like this; “With you and Director-Shirley Frimpong Manso being a couple, how do you balance private life with the works the two of you do at Sparrow Productions—where do you two draw the lines so that you don’t bring the occasional morning disagreements that take place in every relationship at home to the office?”.

Answering the above question, he said, his relationship with Shirley Frimpong Manso can easily be turned into a whole feature movie and he told us why—-that is GODDAM interesting…

You know what; watch the full interview below to hear all he had to say…

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Reggie Rockstone Talks About Bringing Hiplife to Ghana, the Changes the Genre Has Seen, Being a Member of VVIP & MORE

Reggie Rockstone
Reggie Rockstone

To some people, Reggie Rockstone (real name Reginald Osei) started a musical genre called Hiplife, but to us, he paved the way for a new generation of talents to find a fitting spot to express themselves…

GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the man who brought and defined Hiplife to talk about the movement he started, the changes Hiplife has seen, the musicians he so much loved working with, why our Ghanaian female MCs are finding it difficult to breakthrough among other things…

Interestingly, answering a question on the Ghana Music Industry, Reggie Rockstone stated that, as a result of misconception, we keep throwing out the phrase-Ghana Music Industry when in fact; we do not have an industry. He added that, what we have in Ghana is a music scene…

Watch our interview with Reggie Rockstone below…

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Meet the Young Norwegian Film-Makers-Ole Elverhøi & Marius Myrmel Who Brought Their First Short Film ‘Without You’ to the 67th Cannes Film Festival

Ole Elverhio & Marius Myrmel at Cannes Film Festival
Ole Elverhøi & Marius Myrmel at Cannes Film Festival

From across the world, about 2000 short films out of the high thousands of applications made were accepted to be part of this year’s Cannes Film Festival. And at my hotel were two Norwegian young film students-Ole Elverhøi & Marius Myrmel whose short film was among those accepted.

You should be able to imagine the joy on their faces to be part of 67th Cannes Film Festival, the biggest film market in the world—considering their ages and the fact that this is their first short film.

Since they were staying in my hotel, I took time out to watch their short film-Without You and even brought in Fred Nuamah, Founder/CEO of Ghana Movie Awards to watch it too—and we all agreed that the quality of the production is far beyond anything we’ve seen in Ghana.

I had a chat with these young film-makers about their short film, their presence at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the future of their short film and what they’ve got planned ahead for themselves.

If you are a young film-maker or film student anywhere in the world reading this, take some time out to watch the video below—and you will surely thank me later for this.

Check out the video below…

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Cannes Film Festival: Film-Maker York-Fabian Raabe Talks About ‘Children of Sodom’, Working in Ghana, Making a Feature of ‘Children of Sodom’, Why Serious Film-Makers Must Come to the Cannes + MORE

York-Fabian Raabe
York-Fabian Raabe

I caught up with German film-maker York Fabian Raabe at the Germany Pavilion yesterday to talk about his Ghanaian themed short film-Children of Sodom, which he has brought to this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Already, the short film has been taken to over 26 film festivals around the world and it has received great reception due to its artistic nature—and the touching story behind it.

Speaking to GhanaCelebrities.Com, York Fabian Raabe couldn’t hide his joy about taking the short film-Children of Sodom to the next stage—-making a FEATURE film out of it with the title, Borga…

Also, York shared with us his wonderful experience working in Ghana, why every ‘serious’ film-maker must come to the annual Cannes Film Festival, what he thinks must be done to give the various emerging Africa movie industries the required vibrancy among other things…

Check out the interview below…

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Do You Know That Musician-Nana Yaw Kumi (Kumi Guitar) is a Taxi Driver? | He Says ‘It Has Not Been An Easy Journey’ in an Exclusive Tell All Interview With GC…

Kumi Guitar

With unending buzz surrounding musician-Nana Yaw Kumi also known as Kumi Guitar of ‘1 Litre/Break into Two’ fame, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the fast rising musical star to talk about how it all started for him, aspirations, fears and the ongoing controversy that has engulfed his VGMA nominations.

In the exclusive tell it all interview, Kumi Guitar shared with us his most embarrassing moment in life—and indeed it was embarrassing. He also talked to us about how tough the struggle has been for him as he maintains a taxi driver job in order to fuel his musical ambition.

As if his own life struggles were not enough, the rains had no mercy on us when we were recording the interview…

It surely has been a long journey for the talented Kumi Guitar and his perseverance makes us love him more…

Check out the interview below…

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Ahead of Tomorrow’s Premiere of ‘Devil in a Dress’, Roselyn Ngissah Talks About Her Role in the Movie, Why You Should Be At the Premiere & More…

Roselyn Ngissah
Roselyn Ngissah

ABC Pictures will tomorrow-6th March, 2014 at the SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall (6:30pm & 9:20pm) premiere its much talked about movie-Devil in a Dress, featuring Ghanaian actor-Majid Michel, Mikki Osei Berko (Master Richard of Taxi Driver fame) Nigeria’s Uti Nwachukwu, Kafui Danku, Kalsoume Sinare, Roselyn Ngissah among others—and you cannot miss this…

Few days ago, GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke to the lead actress-Kafui Danku about the movie, her role and why it is a MUST watch movie (CLICK HERE to SEE IT).

Yesterday, we caught up with actress-Roselyn Ngissah to find out about her role in the movie, the challenges she faced and why fans should come out in their numbers to the premiere. And according to Roselyn Ngissah, the romantic comedy is beyond ‘off the hook’.

Check out the interview with Roselyn Ngissah below


‘Devil in a Dress’ is written and Directed by Pascal Amanfo, the name behind several award winning Nollywood & Ghanaian movies. The movie takes us through the mystery of life—and its occasional complex presentation of rational truth…

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The New Girl On the Block-Ama Ampofo Talks About How It All Started For Her As An Actress, Karma, Her Professional Philosophy, Her Strengths & Weaknesses + MORE

Ama Ampofo
Ama Ampofo

Over the weekend, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with the new girl on the block-Ama Ampofo because of her outstanding performance in Shirley Frimpong Manso film-Devil in the Detail (Click Here for the Review), to find out more about herself, how she landed the above role and what she is actually bringing into the game.

As an actress, student and a model, we wanted to find out how she is able to keep it all going. She also talked to us about her professional philosophy, her strengths and weaknesses among others…

During the sit down, we asked Ama Ampofo how her experience in the Miss Malaika house some years back has helped her, where she sees herself in the next 5 years and other interesting questions.

Surely Ama Ampofo is ready to take up the big names and the big challenges. She has the zeal and the face—but then it takes more than that right?

Watch our interview with Ama Ampofo below, and share what you think!

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Actress-Kafui Danku Talks About ‘Devil in a Dress’, Her Husband Being Her Ideal Man, Her Favourite Ghanaian Actress + Says She Does Not Know of Any Ghanaian Actress Who is Bleaching & More…

Kafui Danku (4)
Kafui Danku

Ahead of the 6th March, 2014 premiere of the movie-Devil in a Dress at the SilverBird Cinemas at the Accra Mall (6:30pm & 9:20pm), GhanaCelebrities.Com caught with the lead actress-Kafui Danku (also the producer) who told us about her role in the movie, why the movie is a must watch among others.

As expected, GhanaCelebrities.Com seized the opportunity to ask Kafui Danku some of the difficult question such as; her take on bleaching among our Ghanaian actresses, who her favourite actress is and her ideal man.

Speaking about bleaching among Ghanaian actresses, Kafui surprisingly said she has not come across any of her colleagues who is bleaching…

Check out interview with Kafui Danku below…

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Ahead of ‘Devil in the Detail’ Premiere, Actress-Nse Ikpe Etim Talks About Her Role in the Movie, Her Personal/Career Philosophy, How Married Life Has Been & More…

Nse Ikpe Ntim (5)
Actress-Nse Ikpe Etim

Ahead of Friday-14th February’s grand opening of the new Shirley Frimpong Manso movie-Devil in the Detail, GhanaCelebrities.Com caught up with actress-Nse Ikpe Etim who plays a lead role in the movie at her London residence for an interesting interview…

During the chit chat, Nse talked about how she landed her role in the movie-Devil in the Detail, how it was like working with multiple award winning Director-Shirley Frimpong Manso, the challenges she had to overcome playing her character and why the movie is a MUST watch for all.

Interestingly, we managed to get Nse Ikpe Etim who will be celebrating her 1 year marriage anniversary on Valentine’s Day-14th February, 2014—the very day ‘Devil in the Detail’ will be premiered in Ghana at the Silverbird Cinemas -Accra Mall & Weija (7:30 and 9:30) and also online at www.SparrowStation.Com to speak to us about her love life…

On her married life, the outstanding Nollywood star talked about how things have been for her since she got married—and also answered the question; has marriage changed her personality or career direction.

In ‘Devil in the Detail’ which is produced by Ken Attoh and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso, a suspicious affair ruins an almost perfect marriage as husband and wife take a wild goose chase into the world of sex, lies and betrayal, risking everything in one of the craziest love triangles ever.

The movie features Nse Ikpe-Etim alongside Adjetey Anang, Ekow Smith Asante and other talented new faces.

As mentioned, if you are not in Ghana to attend the grand opening, you can watch ‘Devil In The Detail’ on Sparrow Station on 14th February, 2014 (8pm)… (CLICK HERE TO GO TO SPARROW STATION)

Watch our interview with Nse Ikpe Etim below + some photos

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Fast Rising Ghanaian Musician-2Ras Talks About What Ghanaian Musicians Can Learn From Nigerian Musicians, His Upcoming Studio Album, That Female Celebrity He Would Want To Go On A Date With + More…


GhanaCelebrities.Com recently caught up with fast rising young Ghanaian musician-2Ras who shot to fame with his first single ‘Mede Be Bo‘, the theme song for Delay’s hit TV series-Afia Schwarzenegger for an interview in UK.

During the interview, 2Ras talked about how his musical career journey has been, when the all import first studio album is dropping, what Ghanaian musicians can learn from Nigerians among others…

Before ending the interview, 2Ras was asked to name a Ghanaian female celebrity he would want to go on a date with—and guess who he picked?

Check out the interview below

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Joselyn Dumas Talks About The Most Challenging Part Of Playing ‘Esaba’ In The Movie-A Northern Affair, Working With Leila Djansi, Her Favourite Scene In The Movie + More

Joselyn Dumas (1)
Joselyn Dumas

Actress/TV personality-Joselyn Dumas who recently kicked Lydia Forson, Roselyn Ngissah and others far away to win the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards’ ‘Performance By An Actress In A Supporting Role’ award has just told GhanaCelebrities.Com about the most challenging part of the role which brought her the above honour…

According to Joselyn Dumas, her most challenging time on set playing Esaba in ‘A Northern Affair’ was the dark negative emotions which her character had to go through, endure and project.

Speaking about how she landed the lead character role, she said, when Leila Djansi contacted her and later asked if she wanted to be a lead, she was ecstatic.

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Ahead Of Friday’s Premiere Of Leila Djansi’ Movie-A Northern Affair, John Dumelo Talks About How He Got Involved, The Chemistry He Has With Joselyn Dumas & More…

John Dumelo1
John Dumelo

After the soon to be premiered movie-A Northern Affair won almost all the awards at the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards and fetching John Dumelo the much needed ‘Performance By An Actor In A Lead Role’ award, excited John Dumelo has spoken to GhanaCelebrities.Com about how he landed his role, the outstanding directing prowess of Leila Djansi and the amazing chemistry between Joselyn Dumas and himself…

According to John Dumelo, the moment he read the script of the movie-A Northern Affair, he wanted to be part of it—-and he was even ready to work for FREE.

Interestingly, even though John Dumelo has worked with several African movie Directors, he says Leila Djansi is on a different planet when it comes to her level of expertise and the skilful ways she employs to get the best out of her actors…

With rumours flying around that John Dumelo and Joselyn Dumas are knocking midnight boots, we poked for a comment on how it was for him to work with Joselyn Dumas.

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Sonia Ibrahim Talks About Being Nominated For GMA ‘Best Actress In A Leading Role’ For Her First Movie Appearance!

We know of several actresses who are itching now—-since after countless movies, their names have not appeared in the ‘Best Actress in Leading Role’ category of the Ghana Movie Awards. You can say they’ve not been lucky enough or probably they just can’t act… Sonia Ibrahim (best known as the little sister of Juliet Ibrahim) … Read more

Obrafour Says He Can’t Wait To Reunite With Reggie Rockstone On The ‘Back In The Day’ Concert Stage After My Years Of Not Performing On Same Stage + MORE

  Reggie Rockstone started a movement which has become the HIPLIFE we have today. But the movement needed certain people to pull in the crowd and make it effectively attractive. And one of the forward runners who defined Hiplife by giving it the needed root is Obrafour…. I am yet to meet a person who … Read more