Lil Wayne Offers Financial Assistance To Police Officer Who Saved His Life After He Shot Himself In The Chest


American rapper Lil Wayne has offered to financially support a police officer who saved his life when he was a teenager. Lil Wayne has been very vocal about one Robert Hoobler who saved his life when he attempted suicide at the age of twelve, a gesture he will always remember. The award-winning rapper had assumed … Read more

Anglican Church Reacts After Viral Video of Priest Kissing Students


The Anglican church has reacted to the viral video of a Reverend Father kissing students of St. Monica’s College of Education on the lips. The video of Rev. Balthazar Obeng Larbi has gone viral with the public calling for him to be sanctioned. The video has come to the notice of the Anglican church and … Read more

Outrage As St. Monica’s Reverend Father Caught On Camera Kissing Students On The Lips


A viral video of a Reverend Father kissing students on the lips has caused outrage on the internet, with calls for him to be sanctioned. The Anglican priest identified as Balthazar Obeng Larbi was seen kissing female students in front of the whole school. One of the girls was clearly very uncomfortable with the situation … Read more

LGBT People Sleep With Animals And Bread – Foh Amoaning Continues To Spew Ignorance In Support Of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bill


Foh Amoaning and his National Coalition for Proper Human S*xual Rights And Family Values continue to make themselves look like clowns with their relentless anti-gay agenda. Despite giving Ghana a bad reputation internationally for trying to pass the most violent bill in the history of the world, Foh Amoaning and his partners keep pushing for … Read more

Ayisha Modi to Have Afia Schwar’s Twins Sacked from Legon in Two Days – Leaks their Failed WASSCE Results


Ayisha Modi clearly has nothing important to do with her time so all she does is go back and forth with Afia Schwarzenegger on social media and it has gotten very tedious. Afia Schwar has already lost respect in the public eye and everyone can attest to the fact that she is truly shameless. Ayisha … Read more

Mona Gucci Laughably Claims She’s A Women Empowerment Advocate Despite All Evidence To The Contrary


If you are looking for one person who is all about empowering women, Mona Gucci is probably the last name that would come to mind. After fighting with her fellow women every other day and shaming some with secrets best kept to herself if she really cared so much about women, Mona Gucci in a … Read more

‘I Enabled Abuse And I’m Deeply Ashamed’ – Wanlov Apologises For Laughing At A Woman Slapped In A Chop Bar


Wanlov The Kubolor is not just known for his music and skirt wearing, he has over the years used his platforms to advocate for LGBT+ and human rights in general. He has revealed that his advocacy is a result of a deep shame he has been carrying for years and is trying to make up … Read more

I Hate Myself – Abena Korkor Declares – After Allegedly Masterminding Serwaa Amihere Slander

abena korkor lgbt

Abena Korkor seems to be having difficulties accepting the fact that she has indeed become the kind of woman who ruins people’s lives with her periodic outbursts. After mentioning a lot of married men she has allegedly had affairs with and dragging their names through the mud, she is suddenly realizing that it is not … Read more

Peer Pressure Almost Made Me Record A Diss Song For Sarkodie – Reggie Rockstone Reveals


Reggie Rockstone has revealed that he was offended by some lines in Sarkodie’s hit song “Issues” which was released years ago and wanted to record a diss track in response because his friends could not see the humor in it. Years later the Granpapa has realized that it would have been in bad taste to … Read more

‘You Only Make Me Stronger’ – Serwaa Amihere Graciously Responds To Trolls Spreading Falsehoods About Her


Serwaa Amihere has been the topic of discussion for the past few days because of an anonymous troll trying actively to soil her hard-earned reputation. Without any concrete evidence, the rumors are nothing short of laughable, however, the internet will always swallow hook, line, and sinker any malicious fabrications about someone they already have it … Read more

‘I Don’t Believe It Was From God’ – Joyce Blessing Rubbishes Cecilia Marfo’s Aggressive Prophecy


Earlier this year Cecilia Marfo outdid herself when she snatched gospel singer Joyce Blessing’s microphone during a performance just to ask her to go back to her divorced husband because God said so. Cecilia Marfo’s mike-snatching was nothing short of a violent attack, but Joyce Blessing was most gracious about it and did not open … Read more

‘People Take Everything I Say Too Personally’ – Sarkodie Lamely Tries Cleaning Up His Arrogant Image


Sarkodie is no doubt one of the biggest artists in Africa, but there are many who have issues with the way he treats people, be it regular fans or fellow celebrities. The Sark Nation boss has coined a reputation for himself as an unfriendly star, a behavior he confesses to by admitting he does not … Read more

Kanye Taught Me Not to Give A ‘F##’ About People’s Opinions – Kim Kardashian Reveals


Kim Kardashian is one of the most slandered celebrities in Hollywood, all because she chose to make the best of a situation that would have crippled others for life. She became popular after a leaked video of her private moments with singer Ray Charles hit the internet, but now Kim Kardashian has morphed into a … Read more

After Rapping ‘I Don’t Cook, I Don’t Clean’ – Cardi B Exposed As She Scrubs her Bathroom At 4am


Cardi B’s famous lines in her hit song WAP are coming back to bite her in the derriere as it turns out she is not as undomesticated as she made it appear. After rapping about how she does not cook or clean but still managed to get a ring, one would assume Cardi B does … Read more

Sarkodie Is Not On My Top 5 Rappers In Ghana List – Obibini


The rap scene has gotten pretty heated in the past few days with rappers Obibini and Amerado going hard at each other in a heated beef that promises to leave no bones in its trail. Obibini would probably have more than Amerado to deal with, as he has shared a very unpopular opinion about the … Read more

Cardi B Wants To Know What’s Wrong With Celebrities Admitting They Do Not Bath

cardi b shower

We took it for granted that every normal human being is mandated to take a bath at least once a day, till some white celebrities came to prove us all wrong. It all started when Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis revealed that they only bathe their children when they see dirt on them. “I didn’t … Read more

Afriyie Wutah Was A Selfish And Greedy Partner – Wutah Kobby Reveals The Real Reasons For The Group’s Split


Highlife duo Wutah has made it clear that there is no coming back from their split, with both Afriyie and Kobby harboring ill feelings towards each other. Afriyie was on Hitz FM not long ago telling Andy Dosty that he had no idea that the group had split till he saw it in a newspaper. … Read more

Eminem’s Ex-wife Kim Scott Hospitalized After Another Suicide Attempt


Rapper Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott was hospitalized after she allegedly attempted suicide in her Michigan home. Most people who listen to Eminem are familiar with the name Kim, as their toxic relationship has been the inspiration for most of the angst in his music. READ ALSO: ‘I Learn A Lot From Children’ – Nick Cannon … Read more

‘I Learn A Lot From Children’ – Nick Cannon Lamely Explains Why He Has Seven Kids With Four Different Women


American all-around entertainer Nick Cannon has been busy sowing his seeds everywhere he can find fertile ground, making him a proud father to seven children and a baby daddy to four women including ex-wife Mariah Carey. Nick Cannon was a guest on The Breakfast Club and was questioned about his indiscriminate breeding. He explained that … Read more

‘Since Childhood I Do Things Like A Woman, I Don’t Know How to Stop It’ – Bukom Homos*xuals Tell their Story


The LGBT+ community in Ghana is pushing back hard as the government attempts to criminalize their activities with the controversial anti-LGBT+ bill. Despite the backlash from a cross-section of the liberal public and international LGBT+ and human rights advocates, proponents of the bill insist on seeing it to fruition. The resilient LGBT+ community in Ghana … Read more

If You Ever Bought A House from Criss Waddle Check Your Documents, He Go Scam You – Showboy Warns


Criss Waddle has a reputation on the streets as being a “game boy”, and many are those who were pleased to know he is going legit by investing in real estate. According to jailbird Showboy though, Criss Waddle is still out there scamming unsuspecting victims with his supposed legitimate business as a contractor. Showboy has … Read more

Kuami Eugene Angrily Curses Bloggers Who Exposed The Poor Reception He Received At Akim Oda

kuami eugene akim oda

Kuami Eugene was in Akim Oda over the weekend and he might have performed to more than a few people, but his initial reception into the town was nothing to write home about. Naturally, and other blogs wrote about the 12 or fewer people who were probably just really bored and went to give … Read more

All You Need To Know About Dhat Gyal – Her Backstory, Ambitions, And Plans For The Future

dhat gyal

Dhat Gyal is a name anyone who didn’t live under a rock a few years ago has heard, but not much is known about the origins of the internet sensation. Dhat Gyal broke into the entertainment scene with her mash-ups of other people’s songs which she sang with so much passion, earning her the side … Read more

Mona Gucci’s Real Horror Face Without Makeup Exposed – Photo


Delusional Mona Gucci is one of those ashawobrities who is big on makeup and filters and never goes anywhere without painting her face to oblivion. We hardly see these ladies just relax and feel at home in their real faces, and it is getting clear every day why makeup is their best friend. READ ALSO: … Read more

Yaw Tog and Kweku Flick Trolled for Tim Westwood Freestyles – Amerado Receives All the Praise – Video


Getting featured on Tim Westwood TV is a feat most artists aspire to, and Yaw Tog, Kweku Flick and Amerado are the latest acts to make an appearance on the show. The show has hosted some top Ghanaian acts like Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Strongman Burner, Kwesi Arthur, Manifest, Quamina Mp, Yaa Pono and the likes. … Read more

DKB Realizes How Poor He Is After Sitting In A Borrowed Rolls Royce For The First Time


No matter how comfortable you might be in life there are some experiences that would make you realize you still have a long way to go. Comedian DKB got the chance to sit in a Rolls Royce and immediately lost his cool, cursing poverty back to hell. One would think as a so-called “celebrity”, sitting … Read more